Sunday, April 01, 2007

Code Pink Congressional Democrats Move to End War in Iraq

Speaker Pelosi and Code Pink Democrats

"We are starting to turn things around" in the Iraq war" and that a timeline for withdrawal would embolden the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere.—John McCain (R-Ariz.)

Stategy for winning in Iraq? Democrats don’t have one. Stategy for cut and run, got one!

Cindy Sheehan would be proud. Code Pink Liberals have taken a page out of Sheehan’s Camp Casey playbook and come up with Camp Pelosi.

With upwards of thirteen days of camping out in front of the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence this left-wing group has made in roads into the party that now controls the agenda on Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

The radical anti-war movement is finally making decisions for America as their influence is felt by the New Code Pink Democrats who have set a withdrawal date of September 1, 2008 for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.

Fearing that she could not get her colleagues to go along and back such radical legislation Speaker Pelosi crafted a total shopping spree of a Supermarket bill chuck full of 20 billion dollars of bribes (or pork spending) earmarked for reluctant moderate and conservative Democrat Senators that where recently elected on promises that they supported the troops just as much as the Conservatives that they defeated.

Rep. Pelosi’s bill so egregious that Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) took personal umbrage and took time to put it on record.

The California Congressional Representatives have demanded help for citrus, avocado and other Central Valley farmers facing $1.2 billion in losses from a devastating January freeze in exchange for their vote, that’s in the Pelosi bill, Gulf Coast Congressional lawmakers want $1.3 billion above the $3.4 billion requested by Bush for hurricane relief, that’s in the Pelosi bill. Northwest Congressional lawmakers are desperate for about $400 million to extend payments to rural counties hurt by cutbacks in federal logging that is in the Pelosi bill. As well, Wisconsin dairy farmer subsidies are in the Pelosi bill and aid for New Orleans, storage fees for peanut growers are in the Pelosi bill.

Let see that’s peanuts, milk, citrus, avocados and logging moneys to bribe Congressmen for their votes which would put a capricious and arbitrary deadline of September 1, 2008 attached to the President’s request for providing funds for the troops.

And all of this is in exchange for a virtual cornucopia of Democratic favors thereby Code Pink Democrats sabotages the war effort in Iraq by forcing the President to veto a bill meant to fund the troops, umm, umm good!

But that’s not all that Code Pink Democrats are up to. You recall the war protests that were coordinated throughout the country in hopes to garner support for immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq?

Well Code Pink Democrats are not even carrying on the Democrat fa├žade of, “we’re against the war but we support the troops. Nope these radicals are emboldened now that they own both houses of congress and they want to let you know how they really feel about the war.

On March 18th, in Portland Oregon, USA to show their growing dissatisfaction with the United States government and growing discontent with people who say they are for peace and do nothing. Anarchists burn an effigy of a United States Soldier and American flag.

That’s right a U.S. soldier has been burned in effigy right here in the good old U.S.A.

With Code Pink Democrats in Congress sabotaging the war effort by calling for immediate troop withdrawal in spite of indications that the President’s planned surge of troops is working and with Liberals, Democrats and anarchist in U.S. streets burning U.S. soldiers in effigy it may no longer be a question of fighting the war in Iraq.

Code Pink Democrats have declared war, war on the government of the United States of America and war on the people of the United States of America who do not think as they think. Is there any clearer sign than the outrageous burning of an upside down American flag along side of the effigy of an American soldier?

Yeah one…Code Pink Democrats in Congress playing games and food fighting with money meant to fund the men and women fighting for America. That’s the clearest sign of all!

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