Wednesday, May 23, 2007

China's Trade Warning to the U.S.!

In light of China’s "blunt trade warning" to the
United States, threatening "difficulties" and
refusing to be "coerced" into a fair agreement,
it’s time that we took the gloves off and hit
China where it hurts most.

It’s bad enough that they have an
undervalued currency, which they refuse to
allow to float on the free market, because it
gives them the unfair advantage of making
their products artificially cheap. Of course,
the fact that most of their labor is performed
by drones, who work for a bowl of rice and
a cot, also contributes to their low cost.

They pirate our copyrights and patents with
impunity, and cost American businesses
untold millions and force many to close their
doors because of the unfair competition.......
firing employees who have been with them
for years.

Oh, once in a great while, the chinese
police "raid" a factory that is producing
American DVDs and CDs, without paying
royalties to the originators.............but that
is strictly for show, in order to downplay
American claims of a soft policy toward
piracy. For every "raid" there are dozens of
factories that go right on producing.

Whether the American people believe it or
not, we hold a very powerful hand in this
seemingly lopsided debacle. If every
American would, even for a short time, NOT
PURCHASE anything that was manufactured
in China, their economy would come to a
much deserved screeching halt. That would
also signal the many discount stores that they
will be stuck with unsold merchandise if they
continue to import from China. It would also
give American firms the time and incentive to
create start-up companies from the ashes that
once were our major plants, bringing back the
thousands of jobs that were lost to the
Chinese slave-labor market.

But the ultimate challenge still hovers above
us, like a dark storm cloud. Do the American
people, who have gotten used to such low-ball
prices on most item, have the will to sacrifice
just a bit, for the benefit of the country and
our future? They complain that the
high-paying jobs have been lost, but they
continue purchasing items that cost next to
nothing to produce in China. We can’t have it
both ways. With our high salaries, and high
standard of living, comes the higher cost of
items that we all purchase. It’s now time to
choose to buy American...... Tomorrow might
be too late.

We were once the "envy of the world", but if
we don’t control our buying and spending
habits, and put the country first, we will be
reduced to a second-rate power ................
by our own dollars.

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