Thursday, May 10, 2007

What did we learn from the French?

Nicolas Sarkozy, France's newly-elected President

Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you deserve to be President!

And Liberals are liars all over the world. Are just a few things that we learned from the French. They even used their own version of “anybody but Bush”, their version was, “tous sauf Sarkozy" (anyone but Sarkozy) which by the way didn’t work there either.

But, Honey chid… you think Hillary noticed that the French socialist Segolene Royal who ran almost exclusively on her feminist credentials only received 48 percent of the female vote in France’s Presidential elections Sunday.

Some women said Royal, a mother of four, had focused too much on the symbolism linked to becoming France's first female president. Does any of this sound familiar?
"Just because you're a feminist, you don't vote for a woman who does not have the ability. We're talking about the presidential election here ... It's too serious to link this to a phenomenon of femininity or feminism," said Tita Zeitoun, founder of the Action de Femme group which fights to get more women into top business positions.
First lesson, people of a country that would elect a Presidential candidate on the basis of gender or popularity are not even as smart as the French!

Ironically French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy a combative conservative, won a strong mandate for political and economic change by winning 53.06 percent of the vote in Sunday's presidential run-off against 46.94 for Socialist Segolene Royal. In a world and a country were conservatism is supposed to be dead a conservative won.

All jelly-kneed American conservatives need to take note. Continue with the, “Can’t we just all get along,” Democrat boot licking and you all will be looking for new jobs.

President Bush tried to get along with Democrats and they destroyed his Presidency. You want the backing of American conservatives show that you’re willing to fight for conservative principles or you give conservatives no reason to come out to vote in 2008.

Second lesson, moderate and liberal Conservatives need not apply. No more consorting with people who have declared you the enemy. The ideology of Conservatism is under attack and only someone who is willing to vigorously fight for conservative principles, with the same or greater willingness that Democrats have demonstrated, will be able to lead conservatives and win in 2008.

Finally Conservatives can not continue to stand back and allow the President or any fellow conservative to be lied on, disrespected or attacked as if the attacks are not meant for each and every Conservative. Conservatives must protect conservatives like Democrats protect one another.

There is a majority of Conservatives in this country that will vote for a fighting conservative. France is not an anomaly, France is a reminder that we have been lied to by the “Dan Rather” main stream media and Democrat politicos about the President, the war, the political state of this country. For 8 years Democrats have lied to the America people about everything!

France is the proof that a strong fighting Conservative can win against feminism, socialism and liberalism.

A Combative Conservative will fight for the principles of conservatism as the Democrats have fought for their beliefs. Anything else will bring different results than what was experienced by the French, anything less means America will be lost to people who hated on America, who have called truth lies and lies truth and who have pulled down America’s institutions for 8 years.

If Republicans have not taken note of the lessons demonstrated by French voters there will be a feminist socialist in the White house in 2008 and her name will not be Segolene Royal.

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