Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bush Shoots Down Dem Hopes!

Congratulations Mr.President, on vetoing
the Democrat’s perverted version of Stem
Cell Research. This bill, together with their
liberal abortion policy, goes a long way
toward murder.

The jury is still out, but most Americans
believe that life begins at conception.... and
anything that intentionally destroys that life
is murder. I wonder if Bush’s critics would
be so vocal, if their own parents, or some
laboratory, so flippantly decided to end their
lives. Then, they would be calling themselves,
whether embryo or fetus............a living person.
Nothing like being two-faced, if it gets
you votes!

The President said.........
"Our innovative spirit is making possible
incredible advances in medicine that can
save lives and cure diseases, America is
also a nation founded on the principle
that all human life is sacred. And our
conscience calls us to pursue the possibilities
of science in a manner that respects human
dignity and upholds our moral values."

It must be very demoralizing to the
Democrats, to have one of the centerpieces
of their platform, cut out from under them
............ especially since there is little chance
of reviving it.

Of course, the queen of the vote seekers
had to make some idiotic statement about
the President putting ideology before science,
as if everybody should believe in murder.
Hillary baby, there is more to life than science.
And before you talk about "ideology", step
back and take a long look at the Clinton history.
It is a lesson in ideology............ the Clintons
first, and screw the public.

Obama accused the president of "deferring
the hopes of millions of Americans who do
not have the time to keep waiting for the cure
that may save or extend lives."

With that statement alone, Obama showed
that he is neither educated enough, or moral
enough to even be considered for the
presidency of the US. First off......... there is no
ban on stem cell the democrats
have tried to imply for years now. The President
will just not allow federal funds to be used for
the destruction of embryos. This in no way
prevents the private sector from experimenting.
Also, from all research available and well
publicized, there is an endless supply of
readily available lines of stem cells. So why
kill, just to get more. For what end? Just so
the Democrats can make more friends at
the ACLU?

Are the liberals so stupid as to believe that
more destruction will mean faster cures?
Cures that have shown little promise of
materializing, by the way. Nobody as yet,
has shown with any degree of certainty,
that stem cells will cure even 5% of the cure
claims that the liberals have made. To the
contrary............. most scientists agree that
stem cells will not hold a cure for the many
diseases already ruled out.

So what is this ker-fluffle all about? VOTES
people. VOTES! The Democrat/leftist smear
machine has put this front and center...........
as yet "another" reason to hate Republicans
and Conservatives. But like all their other
false claims, they can back it up with neither
fact nor relevance...

Hopefully the next time around, the public will
see though these phonies , and vote the
suckers OUT!

The voters still haven’t realized...........fool me once,
shame on you..............fool me twice......shame on me!


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