Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Fateful Trip!

Michael Moore, the so-called "documentary
film maker is in deep doo-doo again! None
more deserving of this honor, than the creator
of, "Roger & Me", "Bowling for Columbine", and
"Fahrenheit 9/11"......... all "mocumentaries" ,
all fiction with little fact, and all passed off as
"gospel truth" by the far left.

His new project, "Sicko" may just be his
downfall. It looks as though his attack on the
American health- care system, may just backfire
on him. His planned partial release and his
promotion of the film on the talk-circuit may
all be a waste of time.......both "artistically" and

He (it seems) deceptively took about a dozen of
the rescue workers at ground zero, to Cuba, for
medical treatment. His point being that they
can’t afford to get in the US.........the care that
they will get in Havana.

Uncle Sam doesn’t seem to go along with
Mickey boy. He probably violated a
45-year-old government restriction against
American citizens spending money in Cuba,
unless a government license is issued. The
Treasury Department has opened an
investigation into illegal activities. If he is
convicted of these charges, he faces a
$65,000 fine, per person.............. and his
Cuban film footage faces confiscation......
BEFORE the general release of this
propaganda film.

Questions continue to mount as to how
he got these people to Cuba. Moore’s attorney
claims that the group had a legal "journalistic
endeavor" under license granted to member
of the press who can provide evidence that they
are employed on a regular basis, by a news
organization. No one from Moore’s office can
say whether he actually attained any license from
the Treasury Department.

Adding to Moore’s problem is the fact that none
of the "Sicko" subjects are regularly employed
as journalists, and his own company
credentialed the interviewees itself, and flew
them to Havana on a charter flight.

Big, big question!...... What paperwork did
the entire group present to Customs and
Border Protection when they boarded the flight
in Miami? The US Treasury Department claims
that it did not issue any permit for Moore to
travel there. Were those papers forged? Was
there some leftist-sympathizer who "overlooked"
paperwork and allowed them to leave?

Whatever the findings........ whether a simple
mistake, or a deliberate attempt on Moore’s
part, I hope this investigation is a thorough one,
and if he is found guilty, they should throw the
book at him...........and not just a film reel!


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  1. In jail he could alway do a exclusive on Valerie Plame or Paris Hilton.

    Hilton already in the pen earning street creds.(I can't wait for her rap video to drop!)

    And Plame should be indicted come on Alberto put the liberals poster child for lying behind bars!

    As if!