Sunday, June 03, 2007

Four Balls.....He Walks!

I just saw the CNN "Conversations with Judy
Woodruff" interview with Al Gore. Talk about
playing ball? If she could pitch any better,
she’d have a lifetime contract with the

The "interview" was typical for CNN, as well as
anything that Al Gore gets involved in. Set-up
after set-up of "pitches", got the expected
response..... and if there were any hesitation on
Gore’s part....he certainly got help from the
pitcher’s mound.

Their teamwork was awesome......... as Gore
played his skillful game of "hardball’, and
Woodruff just couldn’t pat him on the back
quickly enough. I particularly liked the inning
in which slippery Al, after trying to put the Iraq
war 100% on Bush’s shoulders, intimated that
he was always against any action on Iraq. But
as he slid for home, he totally forgot his own
involvement during the "warm up" to the war.

His opinion was very different when he was
looking for support from the cheap seats. .
Let’s just take a peek at his verbal "batting
record on Iraq"...........................

"Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction
has proven impossible to completely deter and
we should assume that it will continue for as
long as Saddam is in power. We know that he
has stored secret supplies of biological and
chemical weapons throughout his country."

Al Gore, Former Clinton Vice-President
Speech to San Francisco Commonwealth
Club September 23, 2002

Al Gore said last night that the time had come
for a "final reckoning" with Iraq, describing the
country as a "virulent threat in a class by itself"
and suggesting that the United States should
consider ways to oust Saddam Hussein.

The New York Times.....Gore, Championing
Bush, Calls For a 'Final Reckoning' With Iraq
February 13, 2002

Both Gore and Woodruff basically ignored the
fact that the majority of Democratic Senators
and Representatives had voted with the
President. In fact CNN was among the first
to report that both the House and Senate had
given President Bush the authority to invade

CNN October 10, 2002 House gives Bush
authority for war with Iraq The House voted
296-133 to give Bush the authority to use U.S.
military force to make Iraq comply with U.N.
resolutions requiring it to give up weapons
of mass destruction.

CNN October 11, 2002 Senate approves Iraq
war resolution In a major victory for the White
House, the Senate early Friday voted 77-23 to
authorize President Bush to attack Iraq if
Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of
mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions.

What I find almost amusing is that Gore thinks
of himself as the "home run king" of his "team",
when as the rest of the nation sees him, as a
man who’s only way "home"........ is a walk.


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