Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Mexiphobia - Noun

1. The inordinate fear of Mexicans illegally in this country doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

2. The fear that the U.S. Government would grant amnesty to 12-20 million Mexican that are illegally in this country, thus showing that laws in the United States are not equally applied.

3. The fear that Mexicans who are illegally in this country are voting in U.S. elections, utilizing tax payer services, e.g. schools, health care, social services, etc, etc, etc.

4. The fear that Mexicans who are illegally in this country are artificially driving down wages for the poor and middle class in America causing unemployment for U.S. citizens and record profits for U.S. companies.

5. The fear that the U.S. Government is attempting to deluge the population of the United States of America with large numbers of uneducated, uninformed, politically unsophisticated and servant like Mexicans who will not question the direction in which the Government is going.

I get it! On May 1, 2006 and May 1, 2007 days which hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens, who are in this country illegally and their America supporters, paraded in the streets of cities all across the United States of America these people who break our laws were officially coming out to the American people.

We’re here, we’re illegal and we’re going to reclaim the eagle!

They’re out of the closet, out of the shadows, and they’ve thrust themselves into the bright light of day and baby there ain’t nothing that you can do about it so deal with it!

Hiding? Who’s hiding? They go to work, or stand out in the open on corners or in front of Home Depot looking for work. Their children go to school and if you’re a citizen of the United States and you’ve had the misfortune of going to any hospital emergency room in the country you had to wait behind people who are using the emergency room as their primary source of care.

Between 40 and 50 percent of wage-loss among low-skilled Americans is due to the [illegal] in-migration of low-skilled workers. Many American workers lose their jobs through unfair competition. An estimated 1,880,000 American workers are displaced from their jobs every year by [illegal] immigration and the cost for providing welfare and assistance to these Americans is over $15 billion a year - FAIR research.

[Illegal]Immigration is a net drain on the economy; corporate interests reap the benefits of cheap labor, while taxpayers pay the infrastructural cost. FAIR research shows "the net annual cost of immigration has been estimated at between $67 and $87 billion a year. The National Academy of Sciences found that the net fiscal drain on American taxpayers is between $166 and $226 a year per native household. Even studies claiming some modest overall gain for the economy from immigration ($1 to $10 billion a year) have found that it is outweighed by the fiscal cost ($15 to $20 billion a year) to native taxpayers."

However in spite of the facts and in spite of the statistics if you say any against this deconstruction of the American middle class you are racist, bigoted, xenophobic, nationalist… you are, you are…


You are a mexiphobe if you speak against S.B. 1348 the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. You are a mexiphobe if your position is that people who broke immigration law should not be awarded in any way but they should be sent back to their country of origin and apply for citizenship or work visas the right way.

You are a mexiphobe if you email, call or write your Congressman or woman to express your dissatisfaction with this convoluted semi-clandestine 790 page attempt to enact a law before the America people know what hit them.

This is not legislating, this is not leading politically Mr. Bush, no this is political used car selling. Talking fast and hoping you can get the contract signed and the car off of the lot before the American suckers realize that the lemon that they’ve just purchased can’t be returned because there is no three day consumers protect law.

This is a civil rights issue, like Roe, like Homosexually which have no bases in Constitutional law but find their legitimacy by Court fiat the latest attempt to bestow artificial civil rights status on a group is this! 12 to 20 million people who have entered into this country illegally have the right to do so and if you don’t approve you are a Mexiphobe!

That’s how you do it in America isn’t it? You invent a phobia, you invent a civil right, you invent a lobbying group and Oprah, the courts, the media, the schools, the colleges, big business, scientist, educators, and doctors will give you legitimacy and will defend you to the death.

But these other fools the nativist the nationalist, the Minute Man the Conservatives are all Mexiphobes.

Welcome to Creating Orwellian Worldview 101, this is hard core, “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” Mr. Winston.

Illegal is legal (after paying a fine), Minute Men are Vigilantes (when they do the job that American Government won’t do) and YOU are a Mexiphobe (when you ask that present American laws be enforced.)

I have a new word for you …Electoratephobe.

That is the fear of American voters who will vote anyone out of office who puts amnesty above or combined with the protection of the borders of the United States of America.

A Electoratephobe is a politician who if they don’t have a fear of electorate now will have a fear of the electorate the very next time that their name is on a ballot!

And believe me you’d rather be a Mexiphobe than a Electoratephobe in 2008 and 2010!

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  1. I guess not enough of the people who voted this "democratic" congress in, have come to their senses yet.

    These "American" Congressmen, have no intention of following the wishes of their constituents. There is far too much money available from big business and the "friends" of the Mexican people.

    I really feel that the conservative and moderate, Republicans and Democrats, in this country, are going to make a bloody mess out of their "majority" come next election day....... and they deserve it!