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Lame Duck President Bush and “Ex-Senator walking” Trent Lott

It’s not over!
This is time where we are going to see whether we are a United States Senate anymore. Are we men or mice? Are we going to slither away from this issue and hope for some epiphany to happen? No. Let's, let's let's legislate.—Sen Tent Lott R-Miss.
Rats! Senator to answer your question all Republicans who vote for cloture are not men or mice they are rats! And I mean that in the best of terms. Never-the-less, your speech will go down in history as, “How to talk yourself out of a $100,000-a-year Senate job!” Audio Link
Senator Lott: If anybody in America likes where we are with illegal immigration and legal immigration, if they think what we've got now is good or tolerable, fair or responsible, then fine. Let's try and kill this bill. Kill it with amendments. Kill it with the debate. Vote it down. I don't think that is responsible. This is one of the biggest issues facing this country and the question is do we have the courage, tenacity and the ability to get anything done anymore. If we can't do this, we ought to vote to dissolve the Congress and go home and wait for the next election...
Can we do anything anymore? I don't like a lot of these amendments. I don't like a lot of what is in the bill. I was in and out of the meetings, but I was not one of the people that worked in the so-called Grand Bargain. Some people are acting now like it was a sinister operation. I don't believe so. Everybody knew there was an effort underway. Republicans were involved. Democrats were involved. The Administration was involved. Conservatives, liberals, agriculture, everybody. Now we are going to pick it to death. I just don't think this is responsible. I am getting calls, but I would say to my constituents, "Do you have no faith in me after 35 years? That I'm just going to buy a pig in a poke here? Or be for something that's bad?..."
Last year I voted against what we came up with because I didn't think it got better. It got worse. But we have an obligation to try and we should not get all in a twit because we made one mistake or we don't get the one we wanted. Look I voted for amendments that passed and amendments that failed. I voted for bills Bush...get over all of that. This is a big issue. This is the United States Senate, the great deliberative body. Are we going to belie that description, or are we going to step up to this challenge and try and get it done right? We should vote down cloture now. Cloture shouldn't have been filed. You can't ram the Senate. You can't ram the minority around here. This won't work. All it does is make people get madder and it takes longer...
So we're going to have a vote on cloture and we're going to defeat cloture because more amendments are legitimately pending. But I'm serving notice that I'm going to be a part of trying to help to find a way to get to a conclusion, to a vote. Vote it up. Vote it down. But to try and kill it with all these amendments, you know, that are being thrown up here for the purpose of killing it to me is not an appropriate way to proceed....
This is time where we are going to see whether we are a United States Senate anymore. Are we men or mice? Are we going to slither away from this issue and hope for some epiphany to happen? No. Let's, let's let's legislate. Let's vote. I think the majority leader has a right to expect at some point we end it. Try and cover as many objections with as many amendments as we can. But at some point we have got to get this done....
Senator Kennedy, I appreciate the legislative leadership you have been providing. I know it is not easy, you know, and your own colleagues and those of us over here have been beating you up. I mean, you’re a nice poster child. Thank you very much for what you do. But I'll tell you one thing I have learned the hard way. When it comes to legislating, when you are dealing with Senator Kennedy, you had better bring your lunch, because you are going to get educated, you are going to learn a lot, and you are going to get a result. Hopefully it is going to be a good one. Good luck, senator from Massachusetts. I yield the floor.
Sen. Kennedy: And the senator too. I thank my friend from Mississippi, and I commend him for a constructive and a positive attitude.
You said 35 years Senator? Well I hope you have some good memories because this is your last term. You are what we call an “Ex-Senator walking.”
You should be glad. You and your colleagues said that things where broken in Washington D.C. so we the people are ridding Washington of all broken Republican Senators. Yeah Senator tell Lindsey and them that we’re determine to fix what’s wrong with the Party!

Boy! You think 2006 was a sweep out of Republicans, well you haven’t seen nothing yet and this time we will control the outcome because we will put up Conservatives in primaries against each one of you broken Republicans.
And we will elect a Conservative President not an almost Conservative but a true Conservative.

Thanks to Republicans and Democrats alike who voted against cloture. They are as follows:
Senators who voted no on cloture
Sen. Bob Corker Republican
Sen. C. Saxby Chambliss Republican
Sen. Charles Grassley Republican
Sen. Christopher Bond Republican
Sen. David Vitter Republican
Sen. Elizabeth Dole Republican
Sen. George Voinovich Republican
Sen. Gordon Harold Smith Republican
Sen. James Inhofe Republican
Sen. Jefferson Sessions III Republican
Sen. Jim Bunning Republican
Sen. Jim DeMint Republican
Sen. John Cornyn Republican
Sen. John Eric Ensign Republican
Sen. John Isakson Republican
Sen. John Sununu Republican
Sen. John Thune Republican
Sen. John Warner Republican
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Republican
Sen. Lamar Alexander Republican
Sen. Lisa Murkowski Republican
Sen. Michael Crapo Republican
Sen. Michael Enzi Republican
Sen. Mitch McConnell Republican
Sen. Norm Coleman Republican
Sen. Orrin Hatch Republican
Sen. Pat Roberts Republican
Sen. Pete Domenici Republican
Sen. Richard Burr Republican
Sen. Richard Shelby Republican
Sen. Samuel Brownback Republican
Sen. Susan Collins Republican
Sen. Ted Stevens Republican
Sen. Thad Cochran Republican
Sen. Thomas Allen Coburn Republican
Sen. Wayne Allard Republican

Sen. Claire McCaskill Democrat
Sen. Debbie Ann Stabenow Democrat
Sen. E. Benjamin Nelson Democrat
Sen. Evan Bayh Democrat
Sen. James Webb Jr. Democrat
Sen. Jeff Bingaman Democrat
Sen. John Rockefeller IV Democrat
Sen. Jon Tester Democrat
Sen. Mark Pryor Democrat
Sen. Mary Landrieu Democrat
Sen. Max Baucus Democrat
Sen. Robert Byrd Democrat
Sen. Sherrod Brown Democrat
Sen. Thomas Harkin Democrat
Sen. Byron Dorgan Democrat-NPL
Sen. Bernard Sanders Independent

Below are the Republican “Ex-Senators walking” and their Democrat colleagues who should be all thrown out of the “Good ‘ol boy’s Club” or Senate in exchange for representatives who will protect and defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic.
Voted Yes on Cloture

Sen. Arlen Specter Republican
Sen. Charles Hagel Republican
Sen. Chester Lott Sr. Republican
Sen. John McCain III Republican
Sen. Jon Kyl Republican
Sen. Judd Gregg Republican
Sen. Larry Craig Republican
Sen. Lindsey Graham Republican
Sen. Melquiades Martinez Republican
Sen. Olympia Snowe Republican
Sen. Richard Lugar Republican
Sen. Robert Bennett Republican

Sen. Joseph Lieberman Independent
Sen. Amy Klobuchar Democrat/Farmer/Labor
Sen. Barack Obama Jr. Democrat
Sen. Barbara Boxer Democrat
Sen. Barbara Mikulski Democrat
Sen. Benjamin Cardin Democrat
Sen. Bill Nelson Sr. Democrat
Sen. Blanche Lincoln Democrat
Sen. Carl Levin Democrat
Sen. Charles Schumer Democrat
Sen. Christopher Dodd Democrat
Sen. Daniel Inouye Democrat
Sen. Daniel Kahikina Akaka Sr. Democrat
Sen. Dianne Feinstein Democrat
Sen. Edward Kennedy Sr. Democrat
Sen. Frank Lautenberg Democrat
Sen. Harry Reid Democrat
Sen. Herbert Kohl Democrat
Sen. Hillary Clinton Democrat
Sen. John Forbes Kerry Democrat
Sen. John Reed Democrat
Sen. Joseph Biden Jr. Democrat
Sen. Ken Salazar Democrat
Sen. Kent Conrad Democrat
Sen. Maria Cantwell Democrat
Sen. Patrick Leahy Democrat
Sen. Patty Murray Democrat
Sen. Richard Durbin Democrat
Sen. Robert Casey Jr. Democrat
Sen. Robert Menendez Democrat
Sen. Ron Wyden Democrat
Sen. Russell Feingold Democrat
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Democrat
Sen. Thomas Richard Carper Democrat

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