Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bleeding out Bush

President "I'll see you at the bill signing" Bush

I told you so just doesn’t do it. There is no satisfaction in seeing Democrats and some Republicans cut off of the political head of President Bush in grisly Paul Johnson, Nick Berg, Eugene Armstrong or Daniel Peal like fashion.

I warned the President June 5, 2007 to stop with the amnesty for illegal aliens and get ready for the assault on his Presidency.

Then again I wrote June 13, 2007 that if the President didn’t stop with his divisive amnesty push when Democrats came for him he would be all alone and politically isolated. He didn’t listen and now he’s in more trouble than a U.S. military road caravan in Iraq!

What I mean is several newspapers across the country run this headline early yesterday morning: “Congress Returns, Ready to Battle Bush,” a reference to Congress coming back from the 4th of July break ready to declare war against the Bush administration, but one can hardly find that headline today because MSM editors preferred a more negative anti-Bush headline: “Bush Fires First Shot At Congress” The Bush Fires First headline soon replaced Congress Returns to Battle... in order to cast as negative a light on the President as possible.

The fact is Congress has been planning this fight for weeks and maybe even months. Congress planned to attack the President on the war, on the firing of U.S. attorneys, the commutation of former aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's prison sentence and the President’s claim of executive privilege in the summer as I warned in my previous two posts. Sorry to say, I was right.

What does all of this mean? If you were stout enough to watch any or all of the Islamic extremist beheadings of the Americans I mentioned above you saw the most gruesome act of human cruelty ever to be recorded. Americans bled out like slaughtered animals to the chant of Allah akbar, Allah akbar after their murderers cut off their heads!

Democrats likewise are chanting, “the Iraq war”, “the Iraq war” as they bleed out the remaining political capital of a politically inept President who handed the Democrats his own head on a platter in the most backward political maneuver in recent memory by join with Democrats to attempt to grant amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegal Mexican nationals.

Even if President Bush thought that he was right about amnesty, (and I don’t believe that he was) for the political well-being of his Party and the country he should have had the political acumen to put his own wants aside for the good of his Party’s unity.

Now all that is left of Bush’s Presidency is an up coming embattled 17 months of Democrats attacks against his weaken lame duck Presidency. One which he has demonstrated very little political skill and know how. If Republicans intend to win the White house in 2008 they had better find a candidate who knows politics and who knows how to do political combat because the Democrats are bringing it!

It‘s the Democrat’s intent to politically decapitate the Bush administration and, as well, all politically elected Republicans holding office while chanting, “The Iraq war, the Iraq war!

All the while Democrats hope that this political ham-fisted President will just bleed out the rest of his remaining 17 month term unable to effective govern or help his Party politically in 2008! Not to worry Liberals all of the President’s political capital ran out at the bill signing.

You say what bill signing? That’s exactly my point!

Aren’t politics great! Politics akbar!

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  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    It's a shame that RFK Jr. hass called non-environmentalists Traitors, yet his actions to stop the war are tantamont to Treason!

    RFK Jr., if you want to shoot some Traitors, might I suggest that you put yourself first in line?