Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bush administration does the work that Carter and Clinton couldn’t do.

U.S. nuclear envoy Christopher Hill, right, speaks to journalists on disarming Pyongyang's nuclear program. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)
You’ve probably missed the latest accomplishment by the Bush administration so allow me to go over it with you!

Democrats have been harping that this President’s world policies are diplomatic failures. They also claimed that the United States is not safer than before President Bush was elected into office.

As you know Democrats believe that they can diplomatically solve all of the world’s ills. If you listen to New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson who is running for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States, you’d think that all we need to do is talk to the terrorist who declared a fatwa against the United States in 1998 and they will lay down their suicide bombs in 2007 and sing “Kum Bi Ya” with us. Democrat Senators actually believe this and they are calling for a diplomatic end to the war on terror and the war in Iraq.

And just where has this method worked before for Democrats? Maybe Democrats remember the great success that Presidents Carter and Clinton had with their Diplomatic efforts with North Korea. The carrot and sticks approach to diplomacy that the Clinton administration used to detour North Koreas’ nuclear proliferation obviously worked right?

That’s why the North Koreans tested nuclear bombs in October 2006, bombs that were never supposed to be developed under the Carter/Clinton negotiations but under the Bush administration North Korea have at last closed down its nuclear reactors.

Really, the Carter, Clinton policy of negotiating with unscrupulous ideologues and terrorists is what failed policy is. Liberals should acknowledge that!

It spite of that Democrats are offering all types of sage advice about diplomacy to the President and this Country regarding the war in Iraq. Democrats wish to negotiate with terrorist who are Islamic zealots that have no loyalties to anything but their own interpretation of Qur’an, Hadith and Sharia.

And that doesn’t leave a lot to negotiate with, because in Islam it is permit able to lie to people who are not of your faith so if the highest standard, the highest moral value in Islamic frame of reference permits one to lie to non Muslims, in negotiations, how would the party with which you were negotiating with know whether or not any agreement reached would be binding?

Bottom line is there is no negotiating with fanatics who get mad and riot over cartoons, who purposely kill fellow adherents of their own faith by suicide bomb, who destroy their own religious places of worship and who issue fatwas or murder warrants on whomever they feel gives the slightest offense against their religion.

The Carter and Clinton negotiations with North Korea produced nuclear proliferation because the North Koreans took advantage of the naivety of the Doctrine of Carrots and Sticks negotiations as outlined in the Congressional Record by Senator John McCain.

In contrast the North Koreans have shut down their nuclear reactors under the Bush doctrine. That should be a lesson to even the most ardent or ignorant Liberals!

Just another fine example of Conservative ideology doing the job that Liberalism won’t do!


  1. If it was up to the likes of Carter to do something, he would be smooching North Korean butt, and giving away nuclear weapons as quick as he did the Panama Canal.

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    Hey RC:

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