Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is Karl Rove’s announcement to quit a cut and run?

Mr. Bush, right, followed by Mr. Rove, center, and then-White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, left, exiting the worldstage

Effective August 31, 2007 Karl Rove will bow out of the position which he as held since 2001, adviser to the President of the United States of America.

Because he was apart of the Bush administration Democrats made him a target as they’ve done with all members of the Bush administration. And you do know that the President’s approval rates are directly a result of Democrat efforts to make everything about President Bush unpopular.

So Rove was made a target as all of the Republicans are made targets by Democrats who refused to believe that Americans rejected them in 2000 and 2004 so they declared their very own war of personal destruction against Republicans; John Ashcroft, I. Scooter Libby, Donald Rumsfield, Alberto Gonzales, Tom Delay and Karl Rove. (Just to name a few)

Democrats claim that they hate Republicans and everything that Republicans stand for so they feel totally and perfectly justified in attempting to bring down or dismantling the Bush administration.

We know that all of the negatively had it’s genesis with the Democrats and that they have projected their own corruption on the Republican Party. Democrats had 49 years of corruption controlling both house of Congress before the little twelve year Republican blip on the political radar screen.

Don’t get me wrong Randy “Duke” Cunningham was corrupted and got what he deserved but if everyone in Congress got what he or she deserved I’m willing to bet that more Democrats would be looking for work in 2008 and 2010 than Republicans!

Which brings me to my point, Democrats have been hunting and hounding Karl Rove since the President won 2000 because, again as they have stated, they hate Republicans and everything that they stand for. I believe that if Mr. Rove is leaving because Democrats have successfully made him a target, a negative for the Bush administration, then he is leaving for the wrong reason. Because as long as there is a Republican that will resist the Liberalization of America that person will be hated and despised by the left.

Liberals are like misguided delinquent teens that hate and despise their parents for raising them, feeding them, clothing them and attempting to give them morals with which to live a better life.

It is absolutely stunning that Liberals can spend almost eight years making Republicans polarizing figures and then turn around and claim that a Republican such as Mr. Rove is a polarizing figure!

Thus if Mr. Rove is leaving because Democrats have made him a polarizing figure then the Democrats have won. The terrorist have won!

It’s too bad that Democrats didn’t use their abilities to demonize against the enemies of this country; bin Laden, Hussein, Chavez, Ahmadinejad and terrorist. Had Democrats treated the enemies of this country like they treated Republicans we might have had a better go in Afghanistan and Iraq.

That instead of a valued Presidential adviser quitting his post under the steady drumbeat of Democrat negativity, just think maybe it would have been our enemies who are on the battle field of Iraq that would have decided to up and quit.

If just only half the Democrat's negatively was directed against our enemies; al Qaeda, terrorists and Islamic extremists maybe the suicide bombers would have decided that their deaths would be pointless and they would rather spend more time with their families and maybe just maybe it would be terrorists who would have resigned from the field of battle.

But because we have allowed one Party to totally politicize everything so that they might gain some sort of political advantage we have condoned the cutting off of our collective nose to spite our face.

Thus a valued political adviser is quitting because the other political Party ginned up enough hate to drive him away from serving America.

Whether you agreed with the politics of Karl Rove or not do we really want politics in America reduced solely to the politics of hate?

That’s intolerance and I will not support anyone or any Party that claims to be accepting of all things but hateful of White Protestant males and or Christians, or Conservatives or Republicans.

If you hate any of the above you are neither tolerant nor are you good for America.

And if Mr. Rove is leaving because of your intolerance he is cutting and running!

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  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    If that Close Election Presidential Scenario with Hillarry Clinton occurs where the Popular Vote margin is microscopic and the Electoral Vote is deadlocked 269-269, the Constitutional Tie Breakers would take effect. As it stands, the House of Representatives tiebreak for President favors Hillary by a margin of 28.5-21.5. The Seanate is even closer, especially if Joe Lieberman chooses to assert himself by voting with the Republicans at 25-25. In a deadlock, Lieberman could present himself as a Vice Presidential Compromise Candidate and probably prvail over the Candates that actually ran.

    Such a result suggests that Newt Gingrich would almost certainly be the strongest candidate for this nightmare scenario because of his experience with the House of Represntatives and because of his Contract with America Campaign of 1994. Newt would almost certainly have to choose a Northern Governor like Romney as VP for geographic and legislative experience balance to get the most he can out of the polls.

    Hillary's Negatives will certainly affect the bottom of the Democratic Ticket, weakening the Party as Bill's Election did in 1992 with a loss of House and Senate Seats, though State and County Races will also be affected. (With the Census around the corner, this translates into a loss of seats via redistricting. The Democrats should certainly be worried about the Post-2008 Era. Notice also the trend that only Blue States loose population, Congressmen, and Electoral Votes.)

    It's a close Election and an Uphill Climb, but a Winnable Election. Heck, this is even a more frightening Chess Game than the Dracula-Frankenstein Gambit!!!