Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pretendocrats and Domestic warriors

American’s elected Democrat Lead Congress

"It's Democrats, making a difference, doing the job they were elected to do. And we've only just begun,"—TV ad run by Democrats starting Thursday extolling their accomplishment this year

Democrats are Pretendocrats and Domestic warriors!

They haven’t accomplished a damn thing so they are going to run TV ads touting their non-accomplishments so that you will think that they accomplished something… Pretendocrats!

In addition to that some of the best fighting that I have seen in the 4 years that we’ve been in Iraq has occurred in Washington D.C. the Democrats war against President Bush and the Bush administration. They don’t want to fight in Iraq but they are the best damn domestic warriors that I’ve ever seen!

Two traits describes today’s Democrat Senators and Congressmen or women, two traits
that our now vacationing Congress will be forever known for, one Pretending that they have accomplished something to justify your vote for Democrats and to justify a Democratic victory in 2006 and two, producing so much rancor, conflict and partisan disunity in Washington D.C. that Iraq might appear to be a suitable vacation spot for the Senators or Congresspersons wishing a nice quite place to vacation.

Democrats disclosed plans Thursday for nationwide television advertising that praises Congress for raising the minimum wage, seeking expanded health care for children and "taking on George Bush to end a war gone wrong."

The commercial will air on cable television beginning on Monday, timed to coincide with the beginning of a monthlong congressional break.

As reported by David Espo, AP Special Correspondent "The Democrats have not made good on a single promise they made during 2006, especially when it comes to fostering a more open and deliberative House of Representatives," Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said. "Instead of making the House more open and deliberative, they've gone in the opposite direction, doing things we never even contemplated during our time in the majority."

Democrats broke their campaign pledge to run a more open and honest Congress during their much-ballyhooed "first 100 hours" in power when they introduced five bills on the floor without moving them first through committee or allowing Rules Committee Republicans to dissent. But each of those bills passed the House by a wide margin, illustrating the broad popularity of the legislation.
According to Josephine Hearn of Politico Democrats have only checked off on the minimum-wage hike, the anti-terrorism bill and the lobbying reform bill, three of the “Six in ’06” list of campaign pledges but nothing close to their grandiose promises to end the war.

Hearn opines that the specter of spending a month with constituents often galvanizes lawmakers into fits of productivity; passing many bills before the August recess is common . all of that legislative action yet Democrats have only had a few bills signed into law by the President.

So they have not completely fulfilled all of their campaign pledges the only thing that they’ve managed to do is polarize the politics in Washington by incessant Congressional hearings, so much so that nothing is getting done.
Oh there is one other thing that they’ve done, they’ve made a television ad claiming that they have accomplished great things in hopes that you will disregard Congress’ lowest approval rating ever since records of such matters have been kept, that plus they hope you will vote for more Democrats in spite of the hate, incompetence and disfunction that a Democrat controlled congress has brought to American politics.

Pretendocrats and Domestic warriors, America deserves better we must have better!

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