Friday, September 14, 2007

A Mindless and Spineless Bureaucratic Response

Hobbton High School

Two days ago I reported that Jessica Langston a High School student at Hobbton High School in Sampson County, North Carolina was prohibited from wearing a tee shirt emblemed with the American Flag on it in honor of the 6th anniversary of 9/11 to school.

Apparently this ban was the result of previous problems with other flags at the school and school administration did what all educators are trained to do, that is to unfairly punish the entire group for the sins of a few.

Rather than address individuals or small groups within the school community for wrong-doing the modern educator’s answer is to often ban an event, i.e. school dances, pep rallies, wearing of certain items of clothing, etc. I suppose that they employ this method so that no one feels isolated. In addition to that it is much simpler to blanket everyone with blame than to point out wrong doing individually.

Well School officials must have heard your dissatisfaction with their decision to ban the American flag, because they’ve rescinded the ban, but here is where it gets interesting.

These mindless and spineless Educrats didn’t only rescind the ban on the American flag; no they’ve rescinded the ban on all flags! Just to be fair huh?

They still don’t get it. In America the American flag is not on par with any other country’s flag.

Now here’s a wild guess. I bet the ban had something to do with Mexicans waving the Mexican flag on school campuses for the last two years! If the original ban of all flags came about when Mexican nationals where waving the Mexican flag all over America on school campuses in support of their national attempt to influence congress on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and thereby almost causing national pride riots on school campus nation wide, then banning all flags is not an acceptable answer.

Here’s a question, just what sense did it make to ban all flags including the America flag because a national agitation group was attempting to make political hay?

And now that school officials have caught flack from you they’ve lifted the ban. But that is not all they’ve done.

No they lifted the ban on all flags equal to the American flag once again placing the American flag on par with other flags of other nations and once again demonstrating that in their mindless and spineless attempts to be all inclusive they have failed the fundamental test of truth and fairness.

The truth is no one that comes to this country from the country of their origin comes to this country because it is on par with their country no they came because this country is better than their country or else why would they come? Everyone to a person comes to this country looking for a better life and better opportunities.

If all countries where the same, as Educrats in their misguided attempt to teach with fake and sham demonstrations of political relativism, there would be no reason for people who are loyal to their own flags to be here taking advantage of American education and American largesse.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learn from this situation after all if people of other countries can come to this country to beg for our resources and still proudly wave the flag of their country of origin then just maybe Americans can get a clue and fly the American flag proudly and maybe that will do something to instill love for this country in the hearts of people who come here only to take from America.

There is also the outside chance that Superintendent Dr. L. Stewart Hobbs and the Principal of Hobbton High school, Mr. Wesley Johnson, would take a few minutes to reflect on the flag themselves and think about how blessed they are to be an American and maybe that will instill love for this country in these two men so that they never again place another flag equal to their own.

Apparently even foreign nationals who are here taking advantage of America’s benefits will not put any other flag equal with theirs so why do Americans?

You don’t need a Masters or a Doctorate to know that what brought the initial ban about just doesn’t make any sense!


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Does that mean that the Flags on the Hobtbtown NC School District Flag Pole in the picture are also banned?

  2. This country used to be known as "The great melting pot". Thanks to the Educrats,Liberals, and other assorted parasites, it may soon be known as "The great honeypot".

  3. With each passing day, we read about "educators" who can't find their own asses in the dark, with 2 hands and a flashlight.

    I think that each semester, when the students are tested on their knowledge, the school administrators should also be tested on their ability to comprehend that this is the United States of America.

    God Bless it and preserve it..... for in their hands, there is a grave danger that we will be raising a bunch of village idiots in the next couple of generations.