Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh How Desperate They Have Become!

Going from reversing the Bush tax cuts to granting
80 BILLION dollars in tax cuts, in one felt swoop....
Obama has shown his desperation to gain the
Democratic nomination for president.

The man is a joke! A short time ago, he was talking
RAISING taxes and eliminating the Bush tax cuts,
in order to "balance the budget" and help the economy
grow. A child knows that economies don’t grow by
raising taxes on those who create the jobs. Big
corporations and those who invest in them, ARE
the basic machinery that builds strong economies.

Obama would have everyone believe, that granting a
mere $500 tax credit to "seniors making less than
$50,000 per year" is the elixir that will cure the
economic problems in the US.

As for his other plan, to simplify the tax code...........
GOOD LUCK!........ as they say in Brooklyn.....!!!
If I recall......... whenever the Republicans tried
to do just that, it was the Democrats who cried

Obama can do only one thing to make this a
better country. Resign from the race and let
qualified people take over.



  1. Obama and Health Care again Hillary should both quit.

    My prediction brook, Hillary wins the Democratic nomination and is killed in the open election by Republican who rans against her!

  2. We don't even need a "Republican".

    Mickey Mouse could do it!!!!!