Thursday, September 27, 2007

Secret Internal Poll and Memo Leaked: Democrats won’t Win?

Senators Clinton and Obama

Did you see the poll? No you didn’t. Google it you won’t find it. It was leaked to the Washington Post along with an internal memo did you see any of it printed in the Post?

Nope? You know why? Because it’s about Democrats stupid!
The survey by the Democratic pollsters Lake Research indicated that both Mrs Clinton and Barack Obama, second in the Democratic race, trailed Rudy Giuliani, the Republican front runner, in 31 swing congressional districts.
You can bet your last money that if this story had George Bush on it anywhere Katie Couric would be standing on the desk of the CBS nightly news with megaphone in hand exclaiming, “Hey Dan we finally get that killer story on Bush!”

The story did make print in the United Kingdom. It printed in the UK’s paper the Telegraph that’s where I found it.
"We're not commenting on this poll," said Daniel Gotoff, co-author of the memo accompanying the Lake Research poll. "It was leaked and obviously not by us."
The poll suggests that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barak Obama can win in a general election and that has Democrats worried.

The secret Democrat poll also indicates that generically Democrats have higher popularity than Republicans, (The media and Democrats have worked for 8 years to make that happen) however when the names Clinton or Obama are add to the question that changes significantly in critical swing states and among Independents Senator Clinton has "high negatives" among voters but the assessment of Senator Obama that his "image is soft, and one-fifth of voters do not gave a firm impression of him" was a surprise.

This story is really a twofer, yes this is a reality check for many Liberals. Liberals have that tendency of waking up the morning after an election to ask the question, “What happened I thought we were winning.” This story is as much about Liberal self deceit as it is about Liberal media not reporting any negatives about Democrats.

The reality of it is, Hillary Clinton can’t win in the General election(She can’t even raise as much money as Obama now) Democrats have been whispering about it all along but were willing to see if the Clinton spin Machine could defeat the Republicans (Democrats are willing to compromise anything to win.) Apparently Democrats thought that the negatives that they’ve created about the Republicans would be enough to cover even Senator Clinton they are now reassessing those views.
Frank Luntz, a leading Republican pollster, said: "This poll reveals what grassroots Democrats have been concerned about. Hillary is their choice ideologically but not necessarily politically and they're afraid she could lose.
"Democrats want to win more than anything else and they will compromise on policy to achieve electability." Mrs Clinton, he said, prompted a series of perceptions that could damage her.
The big problem with Liberals is that their campaigns are based on deceit so much so that they often are victims of their own deception. I’m thinking 2000 and 2004 when liberal were in this euphoric state thinking that no one would vote for George Bush.
How ironic that the actual reality in 2008 is that no one will vote for Hillary or Obama, no one except maybe the hard left and George Soro’s minions.

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  1. Even Soros' billions can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse!

    The Dems and particularly Hillary's platform, echo George Orwell's "Animal Farm". They preach that all animals are created equal, but SOME are more equal than others.

    In the Dem's eyes, the "minorities" are the 'more equals', and screw the people who ARE the economy.