Monday, October 15, 2007

The Clinton’s Wrote The Book!

Hillary and Bill Clinton

"For 15 years, I've stood up against the right-wing machine," she said, as many in the crowd cheered.

"If you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I'm your girl."
—Senator Hillary Clinton
You can learn a lot from those bright yellow books, Etiquette For Dummies, Suse Linux 9.3 for Dummies, Business Plans Kit For Dummies, Home Decorating for Dummies, DOS For Dummies Quick Reference, MCSE SQL Server 2000 Administration for Dummies or Guitar For Dummies.

However the book that we are all reading from collectively right now is Politics for Dummies by Bill and Hillary Clinton. It’s a political playbook on how to lie, laugh, deceive and equivocate yourself right into the White house while using the Media, Liberals and the Democrat party to get what you want.

It’s a work of diabolical brilliance. A must read for every Liberal politician that values winning above all else. If you don’t read the Clinton’s playbook then you are truly a dummy!

I can’t recall seeing such a cold, calculating unrelenting work of political campaigning that is so patently fake.

The L.A. Times wrote, “She runs a textbook front-runner's presidential campaign: methodical and focused.” They continue, “Clinton campaigning is a study in focus and Swiss-watch precision.” What they are trying to say is Clinton’s campaign is a slick well oiled con game.

Hillary’s campaign is so obviously staged that’s its hard to believe that anyone is taking her seriously yet she leads her closet Liberal Democrat competitor by 25.6%. I guess Liberals don’t mind lying politicians just as long as they are Democrat lying politicians. The whole Clinton campaign is based on deception and Democrats accept it. And I must say that speaks volumes about the Democratic Party.

But it’s all in the book! It’s everything you need to know about deceptive politicking in the 21st century. It’s Politics for Dummies. Its chapters include:

o The Politics of personal destruction (how to destroy all Republicans starting with Bush)

o Controlling the conversation (announce it and media will cover it, if you are Hillary)

o How to make appearances on Fox news when all other Liberals are afraid to.

o Never answer a question, say a lot, redefine and respond to your own created redefined questions (The media never says, “But you didn’t answer my question!”)

o If you can’t avoid answering a question say, “I’ll have to leave that others to decide or “I’m not going to talk about that right now”

o Every week release a proposal for things like health care, minimum wage increase, subsidizing retirement , or a $5,000 bond for every baby. That will steer the national conversation in areas that you want people talking about.

o Always cover both sides say something like, “If George Bush doesn’t end the war in Iraq , I will.” then later say, “We can’t guarantee what we’ll do (pull out troops) because we don’t know what we’ll find when we get there.”

In Politics for dummies by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Hillary rolls out political sound bites like the energizer bunny beats his drum, “Hillary’s Health Care Plan,” “Hillary will stop the genocide in Darfur,” “Hillary will give every Child $5,000 bond,” “Hillary will Stop the War, but maybe not because Hillary doesn’t know what she’ll find after Bush is gone” “Hillary will subsidized retirement accounts” “Hillary your girl to fight the nasty Republicans” “Hillary’s your girl to unite with the nasty Republicans”
"The time to begin bringing the troops home is now. If George W. Bush doesn't end this war before he leaves office, I will," Senator Hillary Clinton
In Politicals for Dummies, everyday it’s a new headline touting the Junior Senator’s plans for the country virtually projecting what she would do if she were to assume the role of first female President of the United States of America. (Is anyone else doing this?)

Remember when Senator Clinton announced her candidacy she said, “Let the conversation begin.”

What you didn’t know was that she intended to control all asspects of that conversation through her political manipulations and quite frankly its working brillantly.

Truly a woman for all seasons Hillary Clinton has emerged as the ultimate Bionic woman of politics, super strong, super slick and super impervious to criticisms. To learn how she did it you’ve got to read the book!

What the America people are witnessing is a remarkable politic machine at work in overdrive the Clintons may very well be the best politicians that the world has ever seen. (And I don’t mean that in a good way.)

Politics for dummies by Bill and Hillary Clinton buy yours today Liberal putzes already have! Hillary is looking for more Independents and Conservatives to buy her stuff! Are you buying any of it?

Remember if you need someone to fight the Conservatives she’s your girl, but she can also unite the country like no one else can. (Yeah, right!)

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