Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Corporate Democrats

Presidential Hopeful former Senator John Edwards

Who’s responsible for the hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs lost to America? Who is responsible for the out-sourcing of American jobs to foreign countries, and who’s responsible for the in-sourcing of illegal alien workers and just who’s responsible for the downsizing (termination) of thousands of jobs in America and the subsequent hardships that the American workers face, President Bush? Is he responsible for the aforementioned?

No, Bush is just the custodian of policies that were put in place before he became President in 2000 if you want to know who the culprit is; who screwed the American worker all you have to do is listen to the warnings of Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential elections.

Perot said that giant sucking sound that you hear is all of the jobs being sucked out of America if NAFTA is signed into law.
The "giant sucking sound" was United States Presidential candidate Ross Perot's colorful phrase for what he believed would be the negative effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he opposed. The phrase, coined during the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign, referred to the sound of U.S. jobs heading south for Mexico should the proposed free-trade agreement go into effect.
Perot ultimately lost the election, and the winner, Bill Clinton, supported NAFTA, which went into effect on January 1, 1994.
-- Wikipedia
Perot warned us we didn’t listen, we elected William Jefferson Clinton who in turn signed NAFTA and thereby unleashed a corporate windfall that has devastated the economic heartland of America. Bill Clinton is a Corporate Democrat.

Any ways, that’s what President hopeful John Edwards is saying these days. Edwards is speaking out against Corporate Democrats, politicians who put corporate interest before the interest of citizens and workers. He is speaking out against Democrats who already have the endorsement of big money corporations who will continue the work and legacy of Bill Clinton and George Bush. And Edwards also says that Senator Hillary Clinton is a Corporate Democrat too.

Is Edwards right? Are corporate Democrats to be feared as much as Republicans? Yes I think that he is absolutely correct.

Unfortunately the former Senator’s warnings will fall on the same hears that Ross Perot’s warnings fell on, the ears of an electorate that is confused about what is really important in America’s politics.

This is a America that is more concerned with dynasties and the possibly of electing the first U.S. female President than the more substantive issue of whether the candidates whom we are considering will continue to sell out this country to big money international corporations at the expense of the voters who voted them into office.

We are playing a game of Jeopardy, watching the economic, social, political, and military deconstruction of America. It’s like we are being asked whether we prefer death by: Islamic nuclear bomb, the gutting of our economic infrastructure by corporations or the complete devaluation of our constitution with made up and phony rights.

I’ll choose the Islamic nuclear bomb, Alex. That way it’s not as slow and painful as watching the economic life being drained from our country before our very eyes. The people of this country are slowly going into a fog and are losing all consciousness of what it was like to be America.

Before you slip to far into the ethers here’s the big money alliances that your front runners and Corporate Democrats are making:

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Through persistence and patience, Clinton has assembled what is probably the broadest CEO support among the candidates, ranging from Wall Street to Hollywood.

John Mack CEO, Morgan Stanley Winning over the longtime Republican sent a signal about Clinton's clout on Wall Street.

Sheryl Sandberg VP, global online sales, Google "I was always hoping she'd run for President. She's uniquely qualified."

Steve Rattner Managing principal, Quadrangle Group "I've been a longtime supporter of the Clintons. I knew I'd end up in her camp."

Steven Spielberg Co-founder, DreamWorks The mogul co-hosted a fundraiser at the home of News Corp. president Peter Chernin.

Haim Saban CEO, Saban Capital Group "I endorsed Hillary before Hillary decided to endorse herself. I'm on a mission."

James D. Robinson III General partner, RRE Ventures The former AmEx CEO likes her "breadth of experience, especially on the international level."

Barack Obama

The Illinois Senator has a solid base of business support in Chicago but has also fared well with Hollywood media moguls and has aggressively moved into Clinton's turf among East Coast financiers.

Oprah Winfrey Founder, Harpo Productions Her endorsement of Obama was the first ever forthe billionaire media powerhouse.

Penny Pritzker Chairman, Classic Residence by Hyatt "I've watched him dialogue with CEOs. Heads are nodding, people are excited."

David Geffen Co-founder, DreamWorks He endorsed Obama - but first took a public swipe at his old friends, the Clintons [whom he supported in the past].

Jeffrey Katzenberg Co-founder, DreamWorks "His sense of right and wrong, what's just and fair, is what's needed for these times."

James S. Crown President, Henry Crown & Co. The investor says his family, one of Chicago's wealthiest, "is solidly behind" the candidate.

Orin Kramer General partner, Boston Provident "We're tapping into people in business who haven't been involved in the process."

Why, there’s no difference between a Corporate Democrat and a Corporate Republican. And I thought that Democrats were the party of change!

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