Monday, October 08, 2007


Illegal Aliens Expressing Contempt

The Federal government showed last week that they do know the meaning of the word.


However you may find it interesting that even though they know the meaning of the word your government is confused with regards to its application. Your federal government using a federal jury on behalf of corporations; Sony BMG, Arista Records LLC, Interscope Records, UMG Recordings Inc., Capitol Records Inc. and Warner Bros. Records Inc found a single mother of two guilty of illegal downloading and ordered her to pay $222,000.00 for sharing 1,072 songs on the internet. Jammie Thomas’, 30 attorney claims attorney fees are automatically awarded in such judgments under copyright law, meaning Thomas could actually owe as much as a half-million dollars.

So our government gets it when it comes to illegal downloading, but not so much when it comes to illegal aliens.

As a matter of fact this whole Nation, America, is confused about its priorities. So much so that unknowingly we are in the last throes of our national freedoms and national sovereignty.

What? You must be saying, you’re crazy Al, you’ve been drinking too much of the Dick Cheney Kool-Aid.

No not really, but it has become all too apparent to the enemies of America that we are a confused nation. And now all of the enemies of America are working under the expectation that we have become a nation of confusion. In fact America’s enemies have begun to take advantage of a people who no longer know their history and their purpose in the world. Allow me to show you how.

Today’s Americans misguidedly and ignorantly believe that constitutional rights extend to everything from sexual preference to illegal behavior just as long as that illegal behavior is breaking this nations immigration laws. And this is a total misunderstanding of what the founding fathers intended or wanted for this nation.

For example there are federal judges, unscrupulous lawyers and tax payer funded non-profit organizations that are under the extremely ignorant belief that foreign nationals who knowingly and illegally enter into this country to comment identity theft, take advantage of our economy, abuse our social services and disrespect our social customs have the constitutional guaranteed right to do so and these just mentioned groups are teaching these foreign invaders that they have these rights.

In Massachusetts so-called advocacy groups work mighty along with attorneys and often time Federal courts to undermine U.S. sovereignty in the name of constitutional rights for Illegal Aliens.

Maria Elena Letona, executive director of Centro Presente, a Cambridge-based nonprofit aids illegal aliens, Joel Rodriguez, a trainer for the Alliance to Develop Power, aids illegals from Mexico and Honduras, Lee Siu Hin, national coordinator of the National Immigrant Solidarity Network aids illegals, Ali Noorani, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, or MIRA have been training illegals for years.

The Chelsea Collaborative, Agencia Alpha, all interfere with the governments efforts to identify and deport illegal aliens and Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, says that “training sessions” designed to help illegals stay in this country are a form of constitutionally protected free speech.
Jorge, 26, a construction worker from Honduras, said he would like to help police, but doubted that he would open the door for them today because he has too much to lose.
Eight years ago, he clung to the sides of trains to get to the Mexican border, paid $1,500 for a boat ride across the Rio Grande, and then walked four nights to Houston. Eventually he made his way to Massachusetts and later paid $6,000 to smuggle his mother here.
Now he has a wife, two children, and one on the way. He earns $2,000 a month, 10 times what he made in Honduras.
"It's not that I don't trust [the police]," said Jorge. "If we didn't have the police here, this country would be like our countries.
In New Haven, Connecticut a well meaning but ignorant Yale law student helps:
Ten Hispanic immigrants filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against a Connecticut city, its mayor and police chief, and federal agents who led a crackdown on illegal immigration last year.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in New Haven, Connecticut, claims the arrests violated the civil rights of nine workers and a 10th man who was stopped at a traffic light, including their right to due legal process, free speech and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, according to court documents.

The plaintiffs, represented by Yale University law students, claim the U.S. Constitution protects the civil rights of all people in the United States. The attorneys would not discuss their clients' immigration status or their countries of origin.
Finally Federal Judge Charles Breyer blocks the enforcement of this nations immigration laws:
A U.S. federal court judge on Monday extended an order preventing the Department of Homeland Security from launching a new program to root out illegal immigrants in the nation's workforce.

Judge Charles Breyer of the U.S. District Court for Northern California, after a two-hour hearing, extended a temporary restraining order for 10 days while he prepares a decision on the legality of the department's efforts.
Breyer's order also blocked the Social Security Administration from sending out 140,000 letters to employers with employees whose names don't match their Social Security numbers.
An earlier order by the court blocking the government program was to expire on Monday.
Breyer raised a number of issues in the hearing, including the language and legality of the "no-match" letters, possible discrimination in firing illegal Hispanic workers and not other illegal employees, staffing and cost burdens for companies to comply with regulations, and responsibilities and liabilities for employers.

The AFL-CIO, American Civil Liberties Association and other labor and business groups, however, challenged the government in a lawsuit claiming that the rules could discriminate against immigrant employees and place an unfair burden on employers.
What does illegal file sharing and illegal aliens have in common you ask? In both cases your government sided with special interest and/or corporate interest against us the citizens of this country. In the case of file sharing a single mother is ordered to pay $222,000.00 to half a million dollars to record corporations.

In the case of illegal aliens taxpayers incur millions of dollars of court cost (along with all other related illegal alien costs) as special interest groups and attorneys use our courts and laws against us to help foreign nationals download millions of dollars of American benefits that they are not entitled to.

If Jammie Thomas is judged to owe record corporations half a million dollars for illegal downloading songs then why doesn’t it make sense to sue illegal aliens and/or Mexico, for encouraging illegal entry and illegally entering this country?

There are 12 to 20 million illegal aliens here (a conservative estimate) that number times $222,000.00 each would help begin to pay for the damage to our economic infrastructure that illegal foreign nationals have cause this country.

Illegal aliens should be arrested at every opportunity and each one sued like Jammie Thomas. Each one should have a half million dollar debt hanging over their heads for illegally downloading benefits out of our society. As well every non-profit including the ACLU should be sued and have a half a million dollar judgement against them and/or be disbanded for operating organizations that encourages breaking of American laws.

Our government protected corporate interest against a single American mother of two and found her guilty of illegal file sharing of music on the internet, so it ought to be able to protect the citizens of this country against illegal foreign nationals who come here to pillage and plunder our economy and social services.

Both acts, unauthorized downloading music and unauthorized entering this country, are ILLEGAL!

Now that we know that the government knows the meaning of the word illegal, would it be asking too much to have the government protect the America people instead of exploiting us on behalf of special interest and corporations.

And would it be asking too much to ask the government to protect American’s borders and enforce our immigration laws?


  1. It seems like the public is being conditioned more and more to a complete loss of rights and freedom,
    just like Aesop's fabled frog in the slowly heating pot of water.

  2. It's happening right before our eyes while special interests groups work to undermine our culture, customs and traditions foreign influences are working to end our economic and legal sovereignty.

    We are about to lose what made this country distinctively independent and great for parity with the rest of the third world.

    In stead of making others better they have succeeded in bring our standards down.