Thursday, October 18, 2007

We Don’t Need No Triangulation

Senator Barack Obama

"We've had enough of ... triangulation and poll-driven politics, that's not what we need right now."--Senator Barack Obama

According to Barack Obama Hillary Clinton is another brick in the wall when it comes to American politics.

And America is tired of politicians who use under-handed politics to win.

Voting for Hillary would not bring the change that the country wants another Clinton Presidency would be just the same old brick after brick.

Apparently Obama would like Americans to make a distinction, if they truly desire political change and a new direction in America, you don’t put back into office someone who is partly responsible for the last 16 years of Clinton Bush policies.

Clinton has already reassembled retreads from her husband’s administration to advise her campaign, Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger being the most controversial.

Dynasties are spoken of by Monarchs and Kings not American Politicians and certainly not American Presidents yet strangely enough the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media has been floating the idea that putting Hillary into the White house would continue the Clinton Dynasty.

Dynasties are bad for America as a matter of fact the reason why the Founders crafted the separation of powers and a president instead of a king was to guard against dynasties.

That being said, Senator Obama’s reference to triangulation refers to Bill Clinton’s eight years as president in which Clinton made policy decisions by stealing the ideas of the opposing party to suck the air out of their opposition to him. The practice became known as ‘‘triangulation.’’

Presenting your opponents ideas as your own knocks the wind out of their adversarial intentions plus often times the act leaves opponents politically disorientated. Bill Clinton was very good at this tactic.

Obama seems to be calling for less deception,less Machiavellian tactics and less political manipulation which are the hall marks of the Clintonian methodology of politicking.

The Clinton campaign lashed back at Obama in typical “Politics of Personal Destruction” fashion by claiming that Obama’s comments abandoned the politics of hope and where little more then a attack against Hillary and the former President.

As for the Clinton Bush Dynasty Senator Obama stated,
‘‘George Bush may have perfected divisive special interest politics but he didn’t invent it,’’ Obama said. ‘‘It was there before he got into office and will be there after he leaves office, unless we decide we’re going to take our government back.’’
Senator Obama clearly wishes to be known as a leader for a new generation and a new kind of politics. Obama said he would stand up to special interests and take unpopular stands when necessary.

That kind of idealism is certainly not politics as usual nor is it another brick in the wall politics but hasn’t Senator Obama noticed that Hillary has already stolen his thunder.

News has it that she has raised more money than he, reversing the positive imaging that he was receiving from that news and now she is pandering to the women’s and minority’s votes.

I’d say welcome to the world of triangulation Barack. A world where Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in charge and has at least a 20% lead over you and if you have any dreams Clintonesta will triangulate them too!

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