Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will Senator Clinton bring her "A" Game?

Hillary Clinton: Bad Two Weeks?
"I wasn't at my best the other night,"--Senator Hillary Clinton,referring to the last Presidential debate

Had a bad two weeks? Just thank God you’re not the Democrat Presidential Front runner who had the fact revealed that she doesn’t answer questions, well not in any discernable fashion. She also plants questions in her campaign audiences to make it seem that she is in touch with what Americans are concerned about. And tonight she has to debate with the men of her party who like her are seeking the Democrat Party’s nomination to be President of the United States of America. But unlike her they are men.

But first, last Saturday after a speech in Iowa where it was discovered that the Senator uses fake questions, an ominous sign. Could this be what portends for America if Hillary Clinton wins tonight’s debate and goes on to be elected to the Presidency? (see below)

It would be funny except for Michael Crowley’s Bunker Hillary where he gives a broad account of Hillary Clinton’s manipulation of the media. However, Crowley couldn’t resist attempting to blame Senator Clinton’s behavior with the media on President Bush. This is a ridiculous and laughable Liberal tendency and nonetheless wrong because Bush became President in 2000. Crowley goes on to outline Hillary’s history with the national media which began in 1993 seven years before Bush became President. (Darn those pesky facts)
[R]eporters who wanted to question her about policy were told to submit written questions. "Her ground-zero assumption is that [a reporter is] an asshole," a senior Hillary aide told her biographer, Carl Bernstein.
Further, Crowley asserts that Hillary’s press disdain was forged by her husband's nightmarish experience on the 1992 campaign trail. Battered by stories about Bill's mistresses and financial dealings, Hillary seethed at the press and resolved to control their coverage. Seem to me that Bush is not the blame for Clinton’s media behavior by Crowley’s own accounting Bill and Hillary Clinton are.

Crowley’s piece doesn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know about the Clintons’ hyper-control and manipulation of the media, much like the Clinton campaign’s warning to Wolf Blitzer regarding tonight’s debate. What Crowley's piece does do is show a campaign that’s unraveling, media that is not doing its job because it is afraid of the Clintons and a gullible public that is engaged in a maniacal heroine worship. A public that is forsaking what is best for this country for failed political ideologies and a political candidate whose campaign seems to be falling down around her like so many American flags.

Or is this a sign of what has obviously already begun, the falling down of America, the final piece will come after the Clinton campaign and the media declares that Hillary won tonight’s debate (Oh believe me they will declare it, unless of course Hillary falls off the stage) and America votes for a candidate who is the most polarizing figure in American politics today. (hum… is that why those flags seemed to be repelled?)

Enjoy the Democrat Presidential debates!

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  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    A Question for Hillary:

    How do you reconcile your Husband's Abomnible Deviant Behavior towards women, (in particular: Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick, Monica Lewinski, Elizabeth Ward,Eileen Wellstone,Carolyn Moffet,Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, and Kathleen Willey to name a few) with your stand on Women's Rights? By the way, why have you never stated your stand on Women's Rights? Are you also a sexual victim of Bill Clinton?