Monday, December 03, 2007

Give 'em Hell, GW!

I saw President Bush deliver his speech aimed at
the Democratic controlled Congress, this morning
on Fox News. All I can say is, "way to go, Georgie"!

This "pointing the finger" attitude is long overdue.
Had the president done this much sooner in his
tenure, there might have been results by now. He
is finally calling the do-nothing Dems to account!

Funny............... how when they were out of power,
the libs were quick to point to the "evils" of the
Republican administration and the Party in general.
They created an aura of unbelievable corruption on
the part of their opponents, which was not only
insignificant, but as unimportant to the country, as
they claimed Clinton's dalliances in the White House

Now, I for one, certainly don't condone any of the things
that were brought to light, but somebody please
tell me if the Republicans did anything that the
Democrats had not done for longer and better?

Go back and trace the Democratic scandals, the graft
and the corruption, since Boss Tweed! Actually, the
Clinton Whitehouse was one of the leaders in shady
doings, which can trace their roots back to
the pre-governor Billy-Bob and Witch-Bitch!

So I applaud our President for this morning, calling
the Democratic controlled Congress to task for holding
the country hostage to their wishes and not the wishes
of the people who elected them, and the people whom
they are supposedly there to represent.

What ever happened to the Reid and Pelosi promises
prior to the election, to work with the
President, and not to seek retribution
against any Republicans or the Administration in
general? They have been bitter and waiting since
2000, when they rightfully lost power, because
of their own graft and corruption.

Mark my words, it will come to pass that they
will once again be the minority party in Washington.
Their vindictiveness and anal retentive attitudes have
already doomed them in the '08 election.


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