Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is this Intelligence?

Former CIA Director George Tenet
"This was a final shot to those who, in the past several years, spread a sense of threat and concern in the world through lies of nuclear weapons," President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
You’ve probably heard that a U.S. intelligence report released Monday concluded that Iran had stopped its weapons program in late 2003 and shown no signs since of resuming it, representing a sharp turnaround from a previous intelligence assessment in 2005.

Well nothing could make the enemies of the United States happier except of course if a Democrat were to be elected into the Whitehouse. The enemies of America have been openly supporting and campaigning for a Democrat candidate since 2000 but that’s another story.

The story here is one of “Wagging the Dog.” You see there are those in government specifically the state department and mainstream media who have accused President Bush of planning to go to war with Iran. You know, they believe that the Bush administration is setting the stage for such a confrontation. Here, and here.

Which is really stupid when you think about it because President Bush knows that the biggest enemies that he and America faces are those enemies in his own government, it took him eight years to figure it out but all the leaks and undermining of his policies clearly indicate that there is a very strong anti-Conservative strain in the high echelons of government that Mr. Bush failed to rid himself of early on in his Presidency. Bush could have avoided a lot of destruction to his government by cleaning house of all Clinton loyalists.

It was a like contingency of pro-Clinton anti-Bush forces that released this report as a pre-emptive strike against the President, virtually cutting him off at the knees, attempting to insure that he would not be able to go war with Iran even if it were necessary for America to do so. Now why would I make such a claim?

You remember that about two weeks ago in the news some in the state department were assigned duty in Iraq which drew vehement protest from those assigned.
"It's one thing if someone believes in what's going on over there and volunteers, but it's another thing to send someone over there on a forced assignment, and I'm sorry but basically that's a potential death sentence,"—Jack Croddy, a senior Foreign Service officer
There are anti-war, anti-conservative, anti-Bush forces in the State Department that are not supportive and don’t believe in what’s going on “over there” in Iraq and they have been leaking crucial information attempting to punish President Bush and defeat his effort to win in Iraq. In fact they have done everything in their power to impede or destroy America’s ability to defend itself.
Starting in 2002 CIA director George Tenet told the President that it was a slam dunk that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction a comment that launched a war. Later Tenet threw this statement into controversy by denying that he said it when that wasn’t believed he then claimed that his comments were taken out of context.

Unfortunately George Bush trusted Tenet because he was there from terrorisms beginning. Tenet was CIA Director for Bill Clinton as well as a member of the Clinton’s advisory team concerning terrorist Obama bin Laden. Consequently they did nothing to prevent terrorism.

Presently, in 2005 the NIE said that, “Iran currently is determined to develop nuclear weapons" and do so "despite its international obligations and international pressure." This was a "high confidence" judgment meaning that the National Intelligence Estimate a comglomarate of all United States .
As recently as 2005, the consensus estimate of our spooks was that "Iran currently is determined to develop nuclear weapons" and do so "despite its international obligations and international pressure." This was a "high confidence" judgment. Opinion Journal
What this current report is intended of doing is to prevent the President from attacking Iran. This is State Department bureaucrats attempting to run the country from the comfort of their cubicles.

The NIE is not dependable intelligence reporting and remember these are the same people who originally said that Iran was gearing up for nuclear weaponry.
Either they were wrong when they said Iran was preparing nukes in 2005 or they are wrong now! Either way they are not to be trusted and this report should be held in suspicion.

The final proof of that is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad trusts this report. Since when is an intelligence report published in such a way to cripple the U.S.’s ability to protect itself and at the same time give credence to it’s enemies?
That’s exactly how this report was released, this is a bureaucratic attempting to reign in an American President from the delusional misgivings that those in the State Department imagine about him. The State Department has once again put America at risk.

The next Republican President is going to have some excessive cleansing out of moles and disinfectant midlevel bureaucrats in order to gain control of this government.
President Bush did not do that. That was the number one failing of the Bush administration and it cost him dearly!

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