Monday, December 24, 2007

The Politics of Nepotism and Fear

Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary in New Hampshire

How we meet those challenges will determine whether our grandchildren will even be here fifty years from now at a meeting like this listening to the next generation's presidential candidates," Clinton told several hundred voters gathered in the gym of the Holderness School here.

The three "very, very profound challenges" facing the country, Clinton said, were growing inequality between rich and poor, terrorism and other sectarian violence, and global warming. And only Hillary Clinton, he said, had the vision, the plans and the record of getting results to respond the right way. He urged his audience to vote for her for the sake of themselves and their children. "This is your life," he said. "This is about you."
-- Alec MacGillis reporting on Bill Clinton speech 2007 HOLDERNESS, New Hampshire

Not since Sean Comb’s (P Diddy, Puff Daddy or whatever he’s calling himself these days) 2004 “Vote or Die” campaign to get the Democrat vote out have we seen such a foreboding warning and a dreadfully tacky campaign strategy. Vote for Democrats or the World will end? or Save the World Elect my Wife Come on you’ve got to be kidding!

Well Sean Diddy here we are in 2007 on the eve of Christmas, by the way Merry Christmas to all, and as well we are on the eve of election year 2008 so electing George W. Bush didn’t kill us as you predicted it would.

Bill Clinton’s pretty good at the politics of scare too Sean, in 2002 he predicted the end of America’s military, economic and political power in 50 years, (Lord knows he did everything in his power to make it so!)

Now on the campaign trail stumping for Hillary in New Hampshire the former President let it be known that if America doesn’t vote for his wife this elect in 50 years no one is going to be around.

So let’s see vote Democrat or Die, or the other snappy slogan vote for Hillary if you want your grandchildren to be here fifty years from now.

Hum both very compelling but I’m not convinced that Hillary or the Democrats can save us. They’ve been crying about saving Darfur for what going on 10 years now and have yet to lift a finger to stop the genocide by Islamic extremist against women, children, and Christians there.

In fact I can’t think of one place on earth that Liberals have made it a safer place to live. Almost everywhere you look where there are liberal policies in place Islam is over running these countries. The Netherlands, Europe or you name it Liberalism has not protected people from Islamic extremist. Just ask the people of Darfur!

Bill Clinton is right about this one insular isolated point and that is, some very, very profound challenges are on the horizon for the world family and we do need to put in place leadership that will act in the correct way to meet those challenges.
The United Nations will not save us just ask the people of Darfur.

The World Court will not save us just ask the people of Darfur

The Europeans will not save us just ask the people of Darfur

Bill Clinton did not save us just ask the people of America

Finally no matter what Bill or Chelsea or her mother thinks about Hillary, no matter how many people she tries to find to like her on that desperately looking for someone to like me helicopter tour the fact is more people say that they will not vote for Hillary than any other candidate and Liberals are no better at solving the world’s problems than Conservatives.

Liberals successfully painted the 109th Republican lead Congress as the “do nothing Congress” only to take to reigns of the 110th Congress and become the Democrat lead “do nothing Congress” the sequel.

Liberals accused Conservatives of cronyism and nepotism for the last 7 years now in an act of sheer hypocrisy or stupidity ( I can’t figure out which) the Clinton’s ask you to elect his family member to be President of the United States based on the fact that she was one of his henchmen in the Clinton administration and did I mention the fact that she is his wife.

And if that wasn’t good enough and if there was any doubt in your mind about the nepotism and fear that the Clintons are using in this campaign, Bill makes an appearance on Charlie Rose and says, (Bill Clinton voice) "Vote for my wife, she’s the best!”

Well he didn’t use those exact words but any student versed in the language of Clintonese knows exactly what Bill was saying. See for yourself:

The politics of Nepotism and fear are not a very attractive campaign strategies but these days it’s looking like that's all that Hillary has to offer. Vote for Hillary or die! Merry Christmas!


  1. Billy Ray Joe Bob failed to mention what a very real threat to our grand childrens future could be, and that is the further invasion of our rights and freedoms by a runaway U.S. Government who is starting to show its iron fist more and more.

    Billy Ray Joe Bob doesn't want people to remember the Nazi-like slaughter of American citizens in Waco Texas and another place called Ruby Ridge. This happened on the Klinton watch.

    It looks like the biggest threats to everyones safety and wellbeing are looking for your vote.

  2. This is what I think about anything that the Klintons have to say.