Monday, January 21, 2008

Dead Campaign Walking

Senator McCain wife Cindy and Sen. Joe Lieberman

Once considered the favorite in a multi-candidate field, McCain capsized last year, his campaign plummeting as he defended a plan to give illegal immigrants an eventual path to citizenship, angering a GOP conservative base that had never fully trusted the senator, especially after he broke with President Bush on tax cuts. A raft of senior aides abandoned ship, and more were laid off as McCain ran out of money. -- Libby Quaid, AP writer

John McCain is a man without a Party! Funny how that works. You spend a political career disassociating with the Party that you supposedly represent to curry favor with the opposition Party and come your quest to become President you can’t find a Party to support you. Independents and Democrats aren’t going to support you in the 2008 Presidential election; they’ve got their own candidate and well the Party that you’ve betrayed is looking for a Conservative. Mavericks need not apply!

Sure McCain won New Hampshire and South Carolina but that was only on the strength of Independent and Democrat votes. Are Independents and Democrats going to support McCain in a contest against an Obama or Hillary candidate for President? One word answer… NO!

The one thing that Independents, Democrats and Republicans all agree on is that absolutely no one is going to vote for Senator John McCain for President in the upcoming 2008 Presidential elections. Nobody! John McCain has allowed himself to be used as a tool by the enemies of Conservatives to fracture the Party. Outside of that function McCain serves no useful purpose to anyone.

McCain is the choice of Independents and Democrats for the Republican Party kind of like Democrats where the favorite Party of the enemies of America in 2000 and 2004. You do remember bin Laden chiming in on our 2004 elections attempting to dissuade Americans from voting for President Bush. Same thing! Independents and Democrats are attempting to dissuade Republicans from voting for a Conservative candidate to lead the Republican Party ergo McCain’s primary wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
In New Hampshire, McCain's fate was determined by independent voters, who helped McCain win the state over Bush eight years ago. While he was neck-and-neck with Romney among Republicans, more than a third of independents backed McCain, compared with a quarter for Romney, according to exit surveys for The Associated Press and the television networks.

McCain's main challenge is to re-assure the right. He is still weak among Republicans and conservatives, obviously major vulnerabilities in a GOP nomination fight. He only tied Huckabee among Republicans in South Carolina; his margin came from a 39-22 percent victory over Huckabee among the 19 percent of voters who were independents.
He won overwhelmingly among liberal and moderate voters, but lost self-identified conservatives
.-- Rich Lowry
John McCain had no chance of winning the Republican nominee last summer his campaign was written of as a “fare thee well” Senator McCain because McCain had completed a Liberal trifecta of back stabbing in the Republican Party.

McCain-Feingold, the gang of 14, and McCain-Kennedy, one poke after another from McCain in the eye of his nemeses, Conservatives. If John McCain has shown anything in his long career of insider politics, he demonstrates that he has a propensity to make deals with political enemies who have sworn to destroy the Conservative Party.
Amongst grassroots conservatives, John McCain's name is an expletive -- and for good reason -- because he has made a name for himself by knifing conservatives time and time again for the amusement of his liberal pals in the mainstream media. --John Hawkins
So it is not beyond reason to ask the question did John McCain make a secret deal with his Liberal allies. A deal that would cause disruption within the Republican Party and guarantee that no Conservative would receive the nomination from the Republican Party?

Was Senator McCain encouraged to running in spite of the fact that he has zero Conservative backing? Encouraged by those whose plan is to win the White house for Liberals and if not win then place a Liberal Manchurian Candidate in the White house who will do the bidding of Liberals at the code words “This is Ted Kennedy McCain Listen.”

John McCain would be a Liberal “sleeper” in the White house much like the sleeper terrorist cells that are undoubtedly waiting for their cues which are presently embedded in America now.

McCain’s campaign is like “Weekend at Bernie’s” so you’ve got to be asking who’s propping him up? If not Conservatives who?

That is the point! With no Republican or Conservative backing we shouldn’t even be wasting time even considering the Maverick.

Sooo just who is so inclined to prop up Sen. McCain as a potential Republican candidate for President if Conservatives and Republicans aren’t? Where’s McCain’s base?

That’s exactly my point a dead campaign walking!

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  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Sheeple voted for McCain in NH because liberal newspapers told them to!

    What jerks. He's no better than Hillary...