Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why the thought of a Mike Huckabee Presidency Scares me

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

In the last eight years we have witnessed often times vicious and unrelenting attacks against the President of the United States of America because he was a compassionate Conservative who claimed Christianity as his faith of choice. And for the most part President George W. Bush did not defend himself against this onslaught of overt negativity and as a result both Conservatism and Christianity suffered under his presidency.

It should be clear to all that we now live in a post Christian age in the United States of America one which our Fore Fathers would find almost impossible to recognize if they were here among us today. Moreover this is an age of anti-Christianism and free floating situation ethics, values and meaning.

Therefore it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Senators and Congressmen who are Democrat or Republican.

For the most part until some Republican Senators and Congressmen developed some backbone buoyed by the public up rising against the compassionate Conservative’s Comprehensive Immigrations Reform plan most Congressional Republicans were acting like wannabe Democrats. Nobody was fighting for Conservative ideas. Nobody!

Yet in contrast, Democrats were on a steady drumbeat of using our government, our courts, our schools and the marketplace of ideas to advice their agenda of replacing the American idea with a socialist agenda. And calling that agenda progressive in a completely Orwellian redefining of the America idea where Democrat socialist control of the America people is redefined as freedom.

Therefore anytime you hear a Liberal Democrat speak of freedom they are really speaking of the socialist reform that they plan to establish in American by Fascist means.

If there is one thing that was learned from the Bush administration that is that present Washington politics are not about reuniting people. If anyone says that they can reunite this country in this election they are a liar! If that was the case and it could be done George W. Bush would have done it. Lord knows he tried.

He had a successful track record as the Governor of Texas where he was able to work bi-partisanly with Democrats. He thought that he could do the same thing in Washington D.C. Democrats and Liberals had other ideas.

Furthermore Democrats don’t want the country united around Conservative ideas they want to unite around abortion, homosexuality, illegal aliens granted amnesty, socialized medicine, etc.

George Bush went to the Democrats with heart in hand (inviting Teddy Kennedy to the White house for movies and the like) but what did he receive in turn? Democrats gut him and his Presidency like a fish. And then they set out mockingly to purposely make his Presidency the worst Presidency in modern times. But they failed, no Presidency was worst than Jimmy Carter’s.

Nevertheless, according to Democrats George Bush was the dumbest, most incompetent, most ridiculous fool to ever be elected to the office of president of the United States of America. And Democrats reveled in fact that they could speak both mockingly and dismissively of a Conservative and of a Christian.

This much is apparent the next President of the United States of America if that person should happen to be a Republican and a Conservative must have the political acumen to deal with forces from within and without the government that are saboteurs, underminers, and treasonous.

The next President must be a Nationalist above all else one who will fight for America and American ideas as embodied in the Constitution opposed to this movement to place opinion and special interests above Constitutional meaning.

Mike Huckabee has identified himself as a Christian in his campaign to become President of the United States of America. In a post-Christian era it is virtually impossible for a Christian to be elected President in America.

We have seen the extent to which Liberals, Atheist, Homosexuals, non-Religious Jews and some orthodox Jews will go defeat and void out Christianity in this Country. A Mike Huckabee would be soundly defeated by those converging forces in apocalyptic fashion.

If Governor Huckabee were to win the Republican nomination all of the political hounds of hell would be unleashed against him and if he, like President Bush, chose to turn the other cheek all the cheeks would be immediately slapped from his political face!

One very important thing is often lost in the story of Jesus. And that is Jesus was really a fighter for what he believed. If need be he would over turn a few tables to make his point. At another time he counseled his followers to pick up the sword. Jesus showed that he would even die for what he believed.

What scares me about a Mike Huckabee Presidency is that with all of the forces aligned against someone who claims to be a Christian Governor Huckabee would not have the wisdom of Solomon or the fighting spirit of David (or for that matter the fighting spirit of Jesus) to stand against the onslaught that would surely befall him once the media began it’s ridicule of the Christian faith as it would be bound to do as it did for the eight years of the Bush administration.

Once Huckabee was identified as the Republican nominee all media hell would break out again him and he wouldn’t know how to fight back thus the Democrat nominee would be ensured the Presidency. What we need most is someone who will fight for this Nation and this Nation’s values as I said before a Nationalist.

Huckabee would be easy target practice for the Conservative and Christian hating American Leftist and that scares me the most!

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