Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barack BS!

If McCain ever uttered a truer phrase, I haven't heard it yet. He said, as an obvious swipe at Obama, that you need more than "Eloquent speeches full of empty rhetoric"!

Barack would have the young, foolish and inexperienced, believe that he is a "uniter", much as George Bush claimed. But............ Bush actually did make great progress in crossing the aisle, whereas Obama is just so much hot air.

He claims that he has bridged the partisan gap, and cooperated with Repubicans on legislation. Well, it only takes one peek at the record (Records are something that most politicians hate, because they ultimately come back to bite the public servent on the ass!) to see that Obama is lying through his teeth. He has only "cooperated" on several very high-profile bills that he believed would help his career. On all the rest, he was an obstacle of greater proportion than Ted Kennedy.

He really believes that he can dupe the first-time voters, who sincerely believe that he will bring change............... regardless of the fact that he doesn't stand a chance in hell of following through on that promise...... and he knows it. By the time he finishes making enemies of the Clintons and their closest associates and backers, and if he succeeds in becoming the Democratic candidate for president, he would be starting off behind the eight-ball. Add to that, the Right side of the aisle, and we have a totally impotent president.

As an intelligent man once said............... "be careful what you wish for............. you might just get it"!


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  1. Barack just may be able to bring change. He just doesn't say in which direction, good or bad.