Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain Steals WV Hands it off to Huckabee Then Steals the Night

McCain:No stopping him now?

Huckabee wins…huh not so fast, Huckabee was used as a pawn by the McCain campaign to block Mitt Romney from becoming the first victor in the Super Tuesday race for delegates and thus becoming the Republican nominee for President proving that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.

Elections are supposed to be for voters to decide who they wish to represent them so why is it that in West Virginia the voters didn’t decide Sen. John McCain decided for them!

It’s the same old thing Washington insider backstabbing and horse trading. No wonder they call him Maverick! McCain faced with the unfavorable situation of a Mitt Romney lead in West Virginia used his ability to reach across the aisle to join with a political opponent against another.

McCain achieved the results and outcome that he wanted. Mike Huckabee the lesser of his competition won West Virginia while Mitt Romney was cheated out of an early victory that possibly could have set the tone for the rest of the night and all because of a McCain brokered backroom deal.

McCain’s over twenty years of politics taught him that it is better that one manipulates events and outcomes to get what you want than allow the people to get what they want.

What did the people of West Virginia want? Did they want Sen. McCain to affect the outcome of their elections? Well it was beneficial for McCain that Mitt Romney be denied a victory in West Virginia so McCain colluded with Mike Huckabee to give Huckabee the Victory in West Virginia . This type of sad example is exactly what we need to rid Washington of. The idea that a representative of the people can void out the peoples will to exert his or her own will is not what is best for America and it’s not the American way.

It’s like CIRA the Comprehensive Immigration Reform McCain and a tight knit group of rouge Republicans attempted to force on the American people. In this little oligarchy’s mind Comprehensive Immigration reform was a done deal; So much so that the President boasted, “See ya’ll at the bill signing!”

Its apparent that the change that America is calling for will deal with political insiders like John McCain who have forgotten that they are sent to Washington D.C. to work for the people not against them.

Yet on Super Tuesday none if it seem to really matter. Washington insiders Hillary Clinton and John McCain are leading in delegates.

McCain leads with 613 delegates that’s only 578 short of the 1,191 that he needs to claim his Party’s nomination and Clinton leads her race with 845 delegates in a much tighter two man race to claim the ultimate prize of 2,025 delegates to win.

We have seen a delegate handoff in West Virgina once already making this Republican race a two against one, McCain and Huckabee against Romney fight.

Who knows, if no one has the 1,191 delegates at this summer's Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn. maybe Governor Huckabee will return the favor and hand off his delegates to Sen. McCain for the win.

Just think this all made possible by McCain's Super Tuesday win in which he manipulated the outcome just enough to achieve the win. Here are state by state voting returns.

Good for John McCain, but is it good for the Country or his Party? That it seems has always been the problem with Sen. John McCain lately he appears to act on what is good for him first leaving his Country a secondary consideration and his Party a distant tertiary concern.


According to Politico it now appears that Sen. Obama has the lead of delegate in the Democrat race for the nomination. It is being reported that he lays claim to 840 to Sen. Clinton’s 830 in any event Democrats are still saying that it is to close to call.


  1. I said it as it happened. Back room politics, all over again. I thought the Democrats had the lock on that, since Boss Tweed!

    McCaine sure turned out to be a major disappointment to Republicans in general. That "hand-off" of McCaine delegates to Huckabee......... was a stab in the back to Romney. The only way McCaine can gain any credibility, or redeem himself in the eyes of conservatives is to give Romney the #2 spot...... if he will take it.

    For the first time in 11 Presidential elections....... I am seriously considering voting Democratic.

    The way I see it.... McCaine probably won't be the next president of the US......... so why show him any support at all?

  2. brook,
    I'm with you. I'm attempting to reconcile all of this to determine want to do.

    I'll speak to you soon.