Monday, March 10, 2008

Hypocrisy,Thy Name is Democrat!

The Democrats have always been able to expose
scandal among Republican and Conservative
candidates for public office. .maybe that’s because
they have so much experience in it themselves.

Going back to "Boss Tweed", I don’t think that one
election has gone by, without the Dems letting loose
a barrage of claims, accusations and innuendo about
the opposing party candidates..... usually before
anybody can cite them.

We all saw their successful use, aided by the MSM,
of that technique, during the 2006 election cycle.
Because of several high-profile "scandals", and
the Democrat’s expertise at manipulating truth and
exaggerating relatively minor infractions, the
Republicans lost control of the Congress. Their
hype, gave the impression that all Republicans are
"dirty" and shouldn’t be trusted. The amazing part
of this is that all of the previouos Democratic scandals,
indictments, frauds, etc., etc., were responsible for the
Dems losing control in the first place.

Now we are left with a Congress, completely controlled
by Democrats.......... far from "pure as the driven snow",
and we are not seeing anything of what was promised
to the poor fools who voted them in. I for one, never
believed one word of their rhetoric, which is just
regurgitated from some previous election speeches, with
the date changed. I also, couldn’t in good conscience,
vote for any Democrat under the present circumstances.
They have much to prove to me, before earning my vote.
The party of my father is long gone............ and with it
we have the "party of Huffington, Moore and moveon.".

Once again, we are at a crossroads in this wonderful country.
Come November, we will have to decide on exactly who
is going to be steering our "Ship of State". I hope that God
keeps us all laughing long after that day...... because he sure
does seem to have a great sense of humor. The once-thought
shoe-in, Hillary Clinton.......... doesn’t seem to be the best
choice anymore; at least not to the democrats who have been
voting in the primaries and caucuses.

Albeit, the alternative doesn’t have it either. Barack Obama
has come out of nowhere, directly to the forefront of the
battle,...... and on what? Oprah's endorsement?

Change? Be very careful with that word, "change". Change
for what..... for the sake of change? Sorry, I don’t buy it!
He is a first-term Senator, who until seven months ago, was
known to only a handfull outside his home state. Now, with
a lot of fluff and flair, "eloquent speeches full of empty rhetoric",
he would have us believe that he is qualified to run the country.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my country run by a
president who has an acknowledged friendship with the organizer
of "the weather men".......... a known US terrorist organization.
Nor should our president even remotely associate with a church,
"Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago", that refers to
itself as, "Unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian"...
whose pastor had a close personal relationship with Louis
Farrahkan, of "The Nation of Islam".... whose theology teaches
that, "whites are devils". As if that weren’t enough, Obama’s
"spiritual advisor", Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr,.conferred a
special award on Farrahkan

Only after these stories broke, did we find out that
Farrahkan had endorsed Obama, who was very hesitant
during TV interviews, to reject that backing.

All of this came together for me today, when word of New
York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s involvement in an FBI sting
on a prostitution ring, was released. Only this time, Spitzer
was on the wrong side of the (bed) fence. This in addition to the
fact that he is already under investigation on several other
fronts, involving suspicious and possibly illegal activity.

In my opinion........... it couldn’t happen to a nicer man.
When he was running for his office, he was ruthless against
his opponents and used as many dirty tricks as he could legally get
away with. He made sure that every detail of their lives was exposed.
Now, I guess it’s his turn. Oh, and ironically, and somewhat
reminiscent of current platforms............he theme was CHANGE!

With him out of the Governor’s Mansion, and former
Lieutenant-Governor Paterson taking over, things might just
get a little rougher for Hillary’s bid for the White House. I
don’t want to be the one to raise the "race card", but sorry folks,
it’s already been raised and quite high. I am sure that Paterson
will do everything in his power to promote Obama for the job
of President of the US. What am I basing that on? Simple
logic my friends, ....................simple logic.

Mrs. Obama proud of her country for the "first time"........only
because her husband is in the running for the Democratic
nomination, is racist. Barack’s friendship with, and his
almost refusal to disavow Farrahkan’s support....... a known racist
and anti-semite, is racist. His church, by it’s own definition
is racist. Obama garnering about 85% of the black vote, in all
the primaries and caucuses, is racist.

Now, I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton as President, but I sure
as hell don’t want to see Obama as President either. She carries
too much baggage, and he has absolutely no basis on which
to make an intelligent and informed decision on the safety of
our country. His backing comes from the far left, the yuppie-
puppies, and unfortunately, a large percentage of blacks who
are still "getting even" for something that we Americans had
nothing to do with.



  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    How about something about Eliot Spitoon?

  2. Hey anonymous.............

    If you had read my article, you would have seen quite a bit about Spitzer!

    Hint:.... before you respond, read!

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Touchee, Brookie!