Friday, March 07, 2008

An Inconvenient Cooling

John Coleman founder of the Weather Channel

“Al Gore, the United Nations, environmental groups, and too often the reporters who cover the climate change debate are the ones who are out of step with the real “consensus.” They claim to be certain that global warming is occurring, convinced it is due to human causes, and 100 percent confident we can predict future climates.

George Will, in an October Newsweek column commenting on Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize, wrote that if nations impose the reductions in energy use that Al Gore and the folks at RealClimate call for, they will cause “more preventable death and suffering than was caused in the last century by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined.””
-- Joseph L. Bast, Conference Host and President, The Heartland Institute

Do you think that we could possibly get Sens. Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama to reject and denounce former Vice president Al Gore and his fear mongering about Global warming since 100 years of Global warming has been erased in one year virtually debunking Gore’s claims of immediate and imminent danger to the planet?

You remember according to Gore the planet has a fever and nothing short of the equivalent of the medical emergency procedure of throwing the U.S. economy into a “Green” chaos would fix it.

Oh yeah maybe also a new world-wide carbon emissions tax to tax people in all countries on earth would fix it too. A tax from which Mr. Gore’s carbon trading business (which he is a founding partner and is heavily invested in) stands to profit handsomely from if international laws are put in place like the ones being considered by Canada because of the Global warming scare which Gore almost single-handedly invented on college campuses and in speaking tours all over this country.

Aided by Al Gore’s contribution to the Global warming scare, Global warming profitting has now burgeoned into a multibillion dollar enterprise that lawyers, scientist and environmentalist will fight and kill for before they allow a little thing like a discredited and debunked Global warming theory hinder them from the billions that they stand to make.
The market, which in 2006 was valued at $30 billion, now spans Europe, where some 12,000 factories and power plants must comply with limits on how much carbon dioxide they can produce. It has tentacles in developing countries such as China, India and Pakistan, where speculators can earn and sell credits for, among other things, installing technology to reduce pollution.
To be sure, the market has its problems. So far, it hasn't reduced emissions as hoped.--
Janet L. Conley,

One little inconvenient truth stands between Mr. Gore and all those billions of dollars though, the Earth’s fever has broken and 100 years, that’s 1 century of Global warming, has been eradicated! Isn’t that wonderful news! Simply, there is no more Global warming to be concerned about.

Church bells all over the world should be ringing; the call to Islamic prayer should be heard all over. Thank God, thank Allah, thank Mother Nature all of the dire predictions and the entire U.N. IPCC road to Bali plans can be scrapped. The green house effect was just another pseudo scientific fad that we could talk about as we sipped our Lattes and ate our scones.

Do you remember just a few years ago that the mainstream media was determined to make President Bush admit that he made mistakes in invading Iraq? It was reported that the president was inflexible and dogmatic in his view because he refused to apologize for what everyone else in the media and the Democrat Party knew were boneheaded blunders.

Well, do you think that we’ll get an apology anytime soon for Mr. Gore? You know just a simple, hey guys you know something, I was wrong about Global warming… and I’m awful sorry! You think that’s possible?

Not a snowball’s chance in Greenland, Huh?

Well apparently the founder of the 24 hour weather channel, John Coleman doesn’t think that the likelihood of Al Gore and the acolytes of Global warming are going to apologize any time soon so he plans to sue Gore for the Global warming hysteria that Gore has invented.
“[I] have a feeling this is the opening,” Coleman said. “If the lawyers will take the case – sue the people who sell carbon credits. That includes Al Gore. That lawsuit would get so much publicity, so much media attention. And as the experts went to the witness stand and testified, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel

Below is Coleman in an interview that he had with radio and television host Glen Beck:

What about the Kyoto treaty and the United Nations IPCC, you think that there’s a chance that any one of the Senators running for president would reject and denounce the Kyoto treaty and the IPCC as the fraudulent agreement and the fraudulent climate change authorities that they are? No?

And what does imposing more taxes or carbon emissions trading plans have to do with saving the planet? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

But you, dear Reader, have been so conditioned to believe that there is such a phenomenon as Global warming and that human’s are the cause of it that your ignorance has allowed very powerful and insidious forces to aligning themselves to take advantage of this projected multi-billion dollar fleecing of the world’s people all made possible by another invention of Albert A. Gore, Jr. – Global warming!

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