Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am a Proud Conservative Liberal Republican!

Sen. John McCain

John McCain you’ve just won the Republican Nomination for President of the United States. What are you going to do now?

Sen. McCain’s response: I’m a proud Conservative Liberal Republican and I’m going to conduct a spirited but respectful campaign for the presidency of the United States!

Oxymoronic, Freudian or simply Moronic? Naw none of the above, it’s just the inscrutable, out of touch but straight-talking John McCain. Who is going to attempt to run an 1850’s campaign in a 21st Century world according to the Democrat National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean. Really Dean said that McCain talks like he’s in the 1850’s and Dean just may have a point.

One thing about a John McCain candidacy now that he’s clinched the Republican nomination, it will offer Conservatives plenty of, “I told you so!” moments.

What Conservatives have been saying is, what is needed for the Republican Party is someone who is willing to fight and advocate for Conservative values. Not someone who has a loving Stockholm syndrome relationship with their al Qaeda captors the Democrats.

Nonetheless the elite of the Republican Party in their wisdom, who are neither Conservative, nor advocates for Conservatism or fighters for Conservative values brought forth a conciliatory politically confused candidate whose idea of a campaign is a "dispirited or a spirited campaign" (McCain’s words not mine) that will be honored by his opponents like Danny Pearl’s humanity was honored by his Muslim captors.

Already DNC Chairman Howard Dean has begun to place road bombs at the feet of a Rodney King like John McCain who wishes that we just all get along.

Dean assaulted McCain much vaulted integrity with this barb: "Here's a guy who's a typical situational ethicist. He runs on his integrity, but he doesn't seem to have any,"

According to the Georgetown Voice, Dean has already attacked McCain’s age and looks when he said, with a woman and an African-American as the two front-runners, the Democratic field “looks like America,” while the all-white male Republican field (just McCain now) “looks like the 1950s and talks like the 1850s.” Believe me, we haven’t heard or seen the half of Democrat disdain for Republicans in this campaign. Not by a long shot!

Yet McCain feels that he can offer a positive respectful debate and win the Presidency in spite of the virtual negative 8 year assault on the Bush administration which has brought the President’s polling numbers down to a historical low. Good luck with that Senator!

It will take a miracle to withstand the assaults of the Leftwing without a combination of defense and offense in your campaign Sen. McCain. Sorry to break the news to you Senator but nice guys finish with historically low polling numbers and high public disapproval ratings. Just look at our President.

But maybe Sen. McCain has actually done it. After all he did find a title that will beat George Bush’s title of “Compassionate Conservative” hands down and in doing so maybe he has insulated himself from the Democrat hatemongering that we have come to expect from the left!

Senator McCain said that he is a “proud Conservative Liberal Republican!” Well that’s what he said. I’m not making this up! And hey I like it. It’s got that proud thing going on just like the homosexuals use. It’s kind of like Sen. McCain is coming out or something! Take a look:

Most conservatives thought that McCain was a closet liberal anyways so now we know. You go Senator! I’m digging it man I can see the bumper stickers now, Vote McCain: A proud Conservative Liberal Republican!

I think it’s absolutely brilliant! Sen. McCain can be all things to all people, He can be proud for the Homosexuals, he can be Conservative (but not too much so not to offend everyone else) for the Conservatives, he can be Liberal for the Liberals and he can be Republican for the Republicans.

The only thing better would be for him to be a Proud Conservative Liberal Republican Democrat! (Maybe that’s next!)

Senator McCain’s new designation is a kind of Universal Unitarian-Hindu religious Political experience that transcends the artificial barriers of partisan party politics. McCain could be a Democrat for the Democrats, a Liberal for the Liberals, etc, etc, etc. Hey, he could be a virtual political Gandhi G. Like Mohandas K. Gandhi was for India.

Looking at his latest legislation McCain has already reached proud conservative liberal republican Nirvana with his mixture of political yen and yang. Better known as McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Feingold to name a few of his proud conservative liberal accomplishments. Maybe capitulations such as these will be enough to keep the haters of Republicans like Howard Dean at bay. (Though I doubt it.)

Who would have thought that it would be John McCain instead of Barack Obama bringing a divided country together?

Come on it has to be McCain you can’t even name one piece of legislation that Obama has passed that is even close to McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Feingold in its reaching out to Republicans like McCain has done to reach out to Democrats.

Come on you might as well admit it McCain is the uniter! Go on you can say it.
Maybe the Senator can work that designation into a future speech or when he accepts his Party’s nomination at the Republican National convention September 1-4 in Minneapolis, Saint Paul

I can see him up on that podium now, “Friends, let me just say that I am a proud conservative liberal republican democrat!” And we are going to have a nice cordial and respectful debate with my friends in the other Party. Although they have sworn their hatred for Republicans and have vowed to destroy everything that Republicans stand for, I’m sure that we can find some common ground!”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, I think, puts in all in perspective when he says that the Republican candidate will not win attempting to be an all-most Liberal Republican without turning off people who will simply stay home. (See below)

Gingrich predicts that if McCain and Republicans continue on this “Proud Conservative Liberal Republican track Republicans will lose in November.

Well if McCain does lose at least we won’t have to stomach Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina being appointed to McCain’s cabinet or some other significant political post!

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