Friday, March 21, 2008

Now, Let Me Get This Straight............!

The militant muslims, who have perverted a religion of
love, are offended when someone "insults" their religion
by showing images of Muhammed!

They have a hit order out on the Danish cartoonist who drew
an "unflattering" image of Muhammed, while taking a swipe
at this violent, perversion that they call the "true faith".
Now, on the eve of the release of an unflattering film about
Islam, they have ordered yet another hit on the Dutch film-

This is ironic, since they have broken just about every law
and rule of the Muslim religion. They attacked without
warning, the World Trade Center, killing thousands.... when
they, by their own law, were supposed to warn the "infidels"
to convert before attacking. So much for honor!

They fight from the safety of women's Burkas, mostly hiding
behind those very women and their children. They attack from
the safety of hospitals and schools, and even from their
"sacred" mosques...... knowing that civilized westerners will not
attack those places. They hold no value of life, their victims'
nor their own....... because they have been sold a bill of goods by
the likes of Osama bin Laden, that seventy-two virgins await them
in their heaven. I wonder what surprise will actually present
itself when they finally arrive there in countless pieces.

In the interest of fair play, and in retaliation for their threats against
the Danish cartoonist, and now the Dutch film-maker, I want to
further dilute their "hit" orders. If enough people show that they
have no fear of these mindless infidels, and stand up against them,
their threats will become totally meaningless. With each successive
act of murder or threat of, they should be slapped back with such
force that they will eventually collapse from the anger within

I attach a link for each reader to view and decide just how "insulting"
these cartoons are. To any moderate Muslims who might view
this link, I say............. this would not be necessary, had you reigned
in the radical elements of your religion.



  1. Anonymous10:07 PM


    Here's proof in 4 videos that Muslims treat their wives with the greatest of respect:





    Reflect upon your folly.

  2. Folly?......bulldinky!

    Killing your wife for being raped, and beating her because she showed her face and went out unescourted is treating them with respect?