Monday, March 24, 2008

Richardson Number Two?

Wouldn’t surprise me! Governor Bill Richardson
who was extremely close to the Clintons, until Obama
moved ahead of Hillary in Democratic delegates, seems
to have slimed his way onto the presidential ticket.

I’m willing to go on record, based on Obama’s recent
statement that he has had numerous "meetings" with
the Governor of New Mexico, that they have struck a
deal. Richardson would swing his support from what
many considered a definite Clinton backing, to Obama,
in exchange for a spot on the ticket.

Obama, pretty seriously hurt by the revelations about
his relationship with the unpatriotic bigot "Rev"Wright,
desperately needs to take the Hispanic vote from Hillary,
if he is to even stand a chance of winning in November.
That is also why he is blocking an agreement that would
allow the Florida and Michigan primary results to be
counted. If those delegates were distributed according
to the popular vote, and Hillary takes Pennsylvania by a
huge margin (which looks more and more the case) Obama
would be in big trouble by the time the balance of the
states have their primaries.

Clinton could then argue that she has all the "big" states,
and that the delegate difference between her and Obama is
negligible at best................. she might just convince the
"super delegates" to vote in her favor. With each passing
day, it appears that Obama will not be electable come November.

In any case, I, along with millions of voters who have
already made up their minds NOT to let the country fall into
the hands of the super-liberals, are having a field day. I am
looking forward to watching the Democratic party self-destruct,
so that maybe after the extremists have been purged and
eliminated from the party, it will once again return to the "Party
of my father".

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  1. Anonymous3:59 PM


    What do you mean by Number Two?

    Do you mean Vice President or do you mean EXCREMENT?

    Please Explain!