Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Iago and Hillary have much in common

Eleanor Clift

On the day of the Pennsylvania primary I thought this Eleanor Clift piece appropriately tells the story of the Democrat Party’s Shakespearean like tragedy. It is a tale of deceit gender and Race that rivals even the telling of Othello.

Likewise, this fateful Democrat tale of Orwellian-Machiavellianism is what inspires this blog and Clift unknowingly gives us a very candid look into the state of mind of Liberal partisan Democrats. A mind of doublethink where one can hold two diametrically opposite ideas at the same time and accept both of them as true much as Hillary Clinton did in her most excellent Bosnia Sniper Fire Adventure.
George Orwell coined the term doublethink in his classic novel 1984. Doublethink is the power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.
Likewise, Sen. Clinton’s campaign has been absolutely unscrupulous and dishonest. In a word they have been Machiavellian in their use of political manipulation placing expediency above morality in her attempt to use deceit to gain the presidency.

Poignantly the ultra-partisan Clift assesses the Democratic primaries race as a lose, lose situation instead of the “It’s the Democrat’s Year to Win.” Which we have recently become accustomed to hearing about for going on a year. Clift relates as much in her Newsweek piece, “The Damage is Done.”

In it unwillingly Ms. Clift’s piece blames Hillary Clinton for the lost prospects of the Democrat Party.

But it’s not that easy to decipher. Going through the reasoning of a Liberal who’s just realized that the promise of Sen. Clinton’s inevitability is in fact a losing inevitability, not the winning inevitability as promised is clouded to say the least. Clift seems to struggle with the idea that winning has once again slipped through the fingers of her fellow Partisans.

According to Clift, like presidential hopeful, Al Gore before her, Sen. Clinton has hung on much too long and has caused a damaged and divided party. In the 2000 presidential race Gore divided the entire nation while destroying the unity of this Nation. According to Clift Sen. Clinton has virtually ruined Democrats chances of winning the presidency this year as well.

Surprisingly Clift condones what she believes is a lie told by Senate Clinton when the Senator answered Yes, yes, yes when asked if she thought that Senator Obama was qualified to be President. Clift calls it a, “Right move” even if she (Sen. Clinton) didn’t mean it.

Ironic for someone who’s called George Bush a liar a thousand times if once, Ms. Clift doesn’t seem to mind the fact of Sen. Clinton’s “Right move.”

Ms. Clift relates what must be unpleasant facts for her like Sen. Clinton is polling at a 50% negative rate and due to the scorched earth tactics of the politics of personal destruction used against Sen. Obama which Sen. Clinton would have normally used against Republicans both candidates are halt and maimed at this point.

Ms. Clift concludes cautiously hopeful yet resigned;
Unless Hillary can surprise us once again, repeating the triumph she had in Ohio when Pennsylvanians go to the polls, Rove is likely to have Obama to kick around. The Philadelphia debate didn't do anything to help either candidate, and quite possibly hurt them both, but we are slowly evolving toward a result that seems increasingly inevitable: Obama as a Democratic nominee whose vulnerabilities boost chances of a Republican victory in the fall.
Imagine that ultra-partisan Eleanor Clift contemplating a Republican victory in the fall. Shakespeare couldn’t have written this tragic tale any better.

Iago wasn’t above stabbing his Moor in the back to get what he desired and neither is Sen. Clinton!

Here’s hoping that all of Ms. Clift’s fears are realized! Go vote Pennsylvania!


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Somebody has flunked her Drama Course. Hillary's quest for the Presidency is a Tragifarce.

    It cannot properly be called a Tragedy [Via French tragédie from Greek tragōidia,"goat's song"]. There is no "Goat Song" in this play, where the protagonist recognizes her fatal flaw, but there is a fatal flaw.

    It is not a Total Farce[absurd situation: a ridiculous situation in which everything goes wrong or becomes a sham].

    It has elements of both. It is a Tragifarce, containing elements of both Tragedy and Farce.

    Tragifarce has been around for a while, and there are several notable examples of this Art Form. Might I suggest you lookup some old Private Snafu Cartoons?

    1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FmhPY-YEAA

    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DZ7dZKo8YM&feature=related

    3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyKyucGBbYM&feature=related

    4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0gQhhKcbyI&feature=related

    5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWRS2hFSiDg&feature=related

    Learn your Drama and learn to Laugh. This is Tragifarce, where Hillary is the Star. Don't expect a Goat Song, but do expect some laughs.

    PS: I'm still "supporting" her until she completes her role as SPOILER!


  2. Nugas!

    Quomodo te desidare potero nisi discesseris?