Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clinton to get the White Vote in West Virginia?

Sen Clinton at campaign event in Grafton, W. Va., Sunday, May 11, 2008.

So for Sen. Hillary Clinton it’s come down to splitting the country down racial lines.

Al Gore had to be led away from counting Chads kicking and screaming that he should be President.

So here’s Sen. Hillary Clinton kicking and screaming that White people really want her to be President. She’s got a bunch of ‘em in West Virginia just to prove her point!

It’s an ugly sight when everyone knows that it’s over but you. At least Gore was able to convince half the country that he was robbed.

On the contrary the only thing that Hillary has seemed to accomplish is to convince the whole country that she not worthy of being the first woman to govern the United States of America.

Undoubtedly that day will come but not now, not with a tarnished brand like Clinton attached to it. Do anything, Say anything, out right lying to the American people, sexual scandals, missing documents, misappropriated FBI files, stealing documents out of the National Archives, sold government secrets to China, death in the White house Clinton!

Clinton Solutions for America rally in Saint Albans, W.Va. Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why you’d have to be ignorant or uneducated to want a Clinton back in the White house but that’s right according to the Gallup poll, less well-educated Democrats support Hillary Clinton, while those with college and postgraduate educations are just as strongly skewed toward Barack Obama.

Or maybe you’d have to be ill-informed if you think that the Clinton’s are for hard working Americans when it was President Clinton who signed NAFTA into law. The North American Free Trade Agreement, the one that Ross Perot warned against, the one that Mr. Perot said if enacted would produce that giant sucking sound that you’d hear and that would be jobs leaving America. Well it was signed and jobs have been leaving America in groves.

Now the Clinton’s want you to believe that they are for hard working Americans? How ridiculous but you wouldn’t be able to tell just how ridiculous from the warm reception that they are receiving in West Virginia you’d think that the Clinton actually help create jobs in West Virginia even though they didn’t.

In Michael Goodwin's piece, “Hillary Clinton is one sorry sight on her way to defeat” Goodwin attempts to explain Hillary Clinton’s apparent inability to accept defeat. Goodwin lists a cumulation of Clinton conflictions as she has attempted to triangulate on Obama only to come out looking like the fraud that she is for the discerning viewer.

Surprising though Democrats are so willing to accept defeat in Iraq yet they never accepted defeat in 1994 when they were swept from power in both houses of Congress from ruling for about 50 years.

Likewise Democrats never accepted the 2000 defeat or the 2004 defeat at the hands of George Bush and I imagine that Hillary Clinton will never accept the fact that she was rejected by the vast left wing conspiracy who supported a Black man, Obama and denied her, her inevitable place in history as the first White woman to be nominated as the Democrat Presidential hopeful.

How could anyone deny that White people want Sen. Clinton to be President look she has all of these West Virginia votes to prove it! At least that’s what she’ll be saying by the end of the night!


  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Why are you in a hurry to see the Clinton Campaign go down in flames?

    The longer this thing gets protracted, the better. More and more funds are being spent by Democrats to beat Democrats as this thing drags on. More and more nasty things are being said by Democrats to beat Democrats as this thing drags on. More and more hatred is being spawned by Democrats to beat Democrats as this thing drags on.

    Does anybody in this blog get the idea besides me? Hasn't anybody looked at the History of the 1924 Democratic Convention lately to see the benifits that accrue to the GOP when such things get protracted? [Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1924_Democratic_National_Convention]

    Don't get me wrong. 1968 was also a good year, but 1928 is the Golden Standard. The longer Hillary lasts, the better.

    Further, if Hillary actually DOES wins, there will be a point where Hillary will have to acknowlege her supporters among the Rush Republicans in order to keep some of their support for the General Election. Would this not be Revenge on the Grand Scale?

    Someone on this blog needs to expand her horizons and use her imagination more.

  2. It's an illegimate campaign based on making the people fools by legal and political deception. Ergo Orwellian Machiavellianism!

    I for one don't think you or anyone else is smart enough to deal with the Clintons.

    However I agree that a prolonged battle between the Democrats would be harmful for them. I don't believe that, that would necessarily translate into a victory for Republicans.

    McCain is touting Global warming this week that ought to endear him to the Republican base!

    I don't buy into the Rush operation chaos theory Hillary has demonstrated by her still sticking around that she would have remained whether or not Rush would have attempted to tamper with Democrat primaries.

    But I'm willing to have my horizons expanded and my imagination improved.

    Think you can do it?

  3. Oh well, everything is all relative in West Virginia, anyway.

  4. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Clinton just massacred Obama in West Virginia. Kentucky, Oregon, South Deakota, and Puerto Rico will willow, and seem solidly in her column.

    Hillary is still a legitimate candidate, and much better still, a SPOILER.

    If you are for that Rhino and Clinton Stooge John McCain, how could you possibly be against the good work that Hillary is doing?

  5. That's RINO not Rhino we mustn't get our acronyms confused. It makes us seems like we don't know what were talking about.

    However you are correct McCain is a Clinton stooge.

    And Bill, Hillary and McCain would love nothing better than a Clinton McCain love in for the Presidency where Hillary and Bill would gut McCain like a fish.

    Though I wouldn't mind that act however the results would be devastating to the country because a McCain trouncing by the Clintons would mean... dare I say it?