Tuesday, May 06, 2008

London’s Bridges of Liberalism Falling Down

London England
Three years ago the idea that the Conservatives would win London and build up a 20-point lead across the county would have been literally unthinkable,"—Dave Cameron, Conservative Leader
Ken Livingston known to some as “Red Ken” for his far left-wing politics and an eight year incumbent in London England’s recent Mayoral race was defeated by Conservative Tory Boris Johnson. (see here)

Former Mayor Ken Livingston and Mayor Boris Johnson

Conservatives have not held power in London for almost 20 years yet voters swept out the Liberal Labour Party and handed power over to the Conservatives.
Results from the 159 local councils which held ballots in England and Wales on Thursday showed the Conservatives gaining 260 seats with Labour losing 333. The Liberal Democrats gained 34 seats.

Most results were announced Friday, but a high turnout in London -- where around 5.5million cast ballots -- meant the count there continued until early Saturday.

The British Broadcasting Corp. projected the Conservatives would take 44 percent of the vote in England and Wales, putting it 20 points ahead of Labour. Brown's party was a point behind the Liberal Democrats, usually the country's third-largest party, according to the BBC.
In what this being perceived as a defeat for the ideology of Liberalism world-wide conservatives swept Liberal Labor and Liberal Democrats from power.

Former Mayor Livingston an avowed atheist, was against the Iraq war, embraced Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez , and kowtowed to the racial Islamic figures so much so that Londoners thought that London, the most metropolitan city in the world, was going in the wrong directing and the voters wanted change.

Interesting enough America seems to always be a step behind Europe and is moving in an opposite direction a direction in which we will be forced into the old failed Liberal politics that much of Europe is beginning to cast off.

France has recently elected an America loving President in the person of Nicolas SARKOZY and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel also supports the United States.

This is a marked change in world politics which can be directly credited to President Bush’s leadership in America and his leadership in the fight against terrorism.

To elect a Liberal now, either Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama, would send America falling backward and out of step with the world’s movement of attempting to solve the problems that 20 years of Liberalism has caused for Europe and the rest of the world.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Newly elected Mayor of London Boris Johnson has vowed to work with everyone in a nonpartisan kind of government where Johnson even appeared to offer the former Mayor a place at the table of his new administration.

No one who has seen the state of Europe for the last 20 years could possibly want that for the United States of America yet America seem hell bent on repeat the mistakes of Socialism and Liberalism that Europe just now understands do not work.

Yet under the guise of “change” America is considering putting Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama on the world stage which would be highly embarrassing to the United States since the policies which Sens. Clinton and Obama say they would implement are policies that the rest of the world has already “been there and done that” and have failed with.

In fact the rest of the world is moving closer to the American model, a model and way of life that Clinton and Obama say that they would change.

Proving once again that American Liberals are not ready to lead as London's bridges of Liberalism are all falling down!

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