Thursday, May 22, 2008

Statesmanship verses Staymanship

Senator Clinton: She won’t quit

Rebuffing associates who have suggested that she end her candidacy, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it clear to her camp in recent days that she will stay in the race until June because she believes she can still be the nominee — and, barring that, so she can depart with some final goals accomplished.>Patrick Healy, NYTimes
In the Presidential election of 2000, if Vice President Al Gore would not have called Governor Bush back and taken back his concession and had Gore bowed out gracefully in 2000 maybe Democrats would have won the Whitehouse in 2004 and maybe our politics would not be the al Qaeda cut throat politics we presently have today.

Putting the country's interest before your own political ambitions is an act of a Statesman however no one ever accused Al Gore of being a Statesman.

It seems to me that Gore and Sen. Clinton have something in common and that is the lack of care for the greater good of the country, they seem only to focus on what is good for their own political careers.

Amazingly the split that is how showing in the Democrat party is a microcosm of the split that the entire country showed in 2000 after the Florida debacle and Chadgate both splits are symptomatic of a Democrat who doesn’t know when to quit.

It’s like when is an artist's painting finished, which one is the last stroke? Hillary Clinton’s Don Quixote tilt at the Democratic nomination is as real to her now as her made up stories of her experience and her courage and valor under fire (not metaphorically speaking here). Yet on the strength of her Kentucky win Sen. Clinton vows to remain in the race for the Democrat nomination.

Some times you just have to concede defeat and work to win another day. Somehow that lesson has been all but lost on Democrats who belly up to the bar way after the last call for alcohol. And as a good barkeep once said, “You don’t have to go home but you’ve got to get the hell out of here!” Apparently that doesn’t apply to Democrats who tend to stay way after closing.

Yet there is always some rational why a narcissistic Democrat candidate won’t quit. Mrs. Clinton latest rationalization is that she’s staying in because of women and little girls to show them how to fight sexism.
Rather, in private conversations and in interviews, Mrs. Clinton has begun asserting that she believes sexism, rather than racism, has cast a shadow over the primary fight, a point some of her supporters have made for months.

Advisers say that continuing her candidacy is partly a means to show her supporters — especially young women — that she is not a quitter and will not be pushed around.
--Patrick Healy
That is a preposterous claim for a woman who built her entire campaign on Sexism, on the fact that she is a woman and that she would be running against an old boys club of White man.

Senator Clinton is a reverse Sexist and a political opportunist who would have gained her Party’s nomination if not for the fact that her minority status claim to the nomination was cancelled out by another minority status claim… a Black man.

There is nothing laudable about Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to accept the inevitable. She has lost the Democratic nomination with an amateurish managed campaign that continually over spent because she hasn’t the power to raise taxes and ironically she has lost because she hasn't the experience that she talks about. She's never ran a competitive campaign for office, much more she hasn't the experience to run anything that resembles running a country! In fact she has less political experience, not more, than Sen. Obama!

Sleeping in the Whitehouse is not equal to gaining presidential experience if it where then any Whitehouse maid or cook could claim that they have the experience to be president, Sen. Clinton.

Alas there is nothing ennobling or classy about the way that Sen. Clinton has conducted her campaign on the contrary she has left a lasting impression of all that was wrong with Clinton White house and she has further made the name Clinton synonymous with sexism and racism.

Most of that could have been avoided had she not stayed so long and had she showed an inkling of Statesmanship a trait that apparently is lacking in Democrats these days.


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Your timing is way off with this piece!

    Even if what you say is Gospel Truth, it has the wrong result, to get Barak Obama anointed at the first possible minute.

    Why do you want that to happen?

    Let them fight! The longer the better! Because if this fight, Obama's lack of Presidential fiber has been shown lacking.

    IRON SHARPENS IRON! If Obama were any good, that would be borne out. In the case of Obama and Clinton, Manure does not sharpen Manure, it just smells worse and makes Compost. Horse Manure does not sharpen Cow Manure (You can't polish a Turd), but at least it makes better compost. You can grow daisies in the resultant mix!

    For the record, I hope Hillary goes Third Party. That would finish both Obama and Clinton, once and for all, just as the 1914 Election finished off Taft and TR. McCain isn't exactly a Peach, an extra sour Gnarley Ponderosa Lemon would be a better description of him, but he isn't a Yellow Sickener either.

    You haven't exactly shown a fondness for Hillary, and I haven't either. Notable was that "Hillary is a Standup Guy" joke I posted. However, you don't need to help the Democrats with such a post.

    You'd be better off reading that Gil Braltar short story. At least it has an Orwellian lesson of foriegn policy, even if it was written by Jules Verne.

    I showed you the link to the four page French text. Just get BabbleFish to translate the page for you.

    Come to think of it, John McCain is very much like the villian, General MacKackmale. He is fully capable, if the North Vietnamese torture didn't mess up his mind too much, of achieving the humorous victory that the General did in Verne's low potshot at the British.

    Let Hillary perish as the result of her own FOLLY [Did not Erasmus praise FOLLY? ], and let her take Obama down with her.

  2. Anon,

    Thank you for staying on topic, and though you disagree with the piece it is not ill timed as you state.

    The damage is already done to both Hillary and Barack. Half of the country is against Hillary because her last name is Clinton and half of the Country is against Barack because he is a Black man.

    Which places us at a stand-off because half of the country is against McCain because he is the Republican nominee. (note I didn't say McCain is a Conservative Republican)

    Our best hope is for an Obama candidate because of all of the weaknesses that Sen. Clinton has managed to bring to the attention of the voters concerning Barack. She has made him virtually unelectable.

    What we don't want is a McCain Clinton love in. Bill Clinton wants it, President Bush wants it John McCain wants it and you know Hillary wants it. If all these guys want McCain vs Clinton I'm sorry I've got to be against it! I've go to deny it.

    It'll be a political assassination anyways with McCain being stabbed in the front by Clinton and his last muted words shall be "Et tu Brutus"

    And Hillary will cackle as she stands over McCain's old stabbed body and exclaim, "What did you expect John I'm a Progressive Democrat with alternative morals and corrupted values. Plus I only have one thing in mind and that is to destroy everything that Republicans stand for... you know the same goals that you have!"

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Very Good! We have a Shakespearian Tragedy! We have a bunch of Good Villians and Bad Heroes!

    Our Cast of Characters:

    George Bush Sr. - Prince Hamlet
    George W. Bush - John of Gaunt
    Hillary Clinton - Lady MacBeth
    Barack Obama - Iago
    Bill Clinton - Jack Falstaff
    John Edwards - Marc Anthony
    John McCain - Boris Gudinov
    Ronald Reagan - King Hamlet
    Mike Huckabee - Brutus
    George Romney - Julius Caesar
    Howard Dean - Prince Gregory
    the Pretender

    In this muddle of mostly Shakespearian Tragedies, some minor character, usually Prince Fortinbras or Prince Feodor, or even Prince Henry III comes out on top through no merit of their own. Usually, they turn out to be reasonably good leaders. The only real proplem is who and where to place them.

    My money is on Condoleeza Rice playing the part of Prince Feodor, a part that is usually played by a boyish-looking woman in Boris Gudinov. When John McCain kicks the bucket as did Boris Gudinov, there is was reasonably happy ending.

    On goes this Tragifarce! How does your cast of characters compare with mine?

  4. Sorry I haven't thought about it as deeply as you.

    But your list is interest indeed!

  5. That's interesting

  6. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Our deliverance is possible if we analyze the cast of characters in this Tragifarce. What is John McCain's Fatal Flaw?

    I'd say that it is his Narcissism. [I note in passing that Alaphiah does not suffer from that same mental disorder, as she let a certain comment about a Rubenesque Valkyrie pass.]

    If McCain wins this election, he will win it by the largest, albeit empty, majority possible. He's been attacked as being an Antiquated Old Fogey. To counter this, he needs a vibrant appealing Conservative successor.

    Everybody knows that he's got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, just as FDR had in 1940. Picking a rising star is the solution to this kind of problem. Just as Henry Wallace was becoming a liability, Harry Truman did have the charisma to appease the party Conservatives, though he did not stay Conservative for long.

    John McCain is only concerned about his name in History. He is only a minor player, just like M is in a 007 flick. He rants and bloviates, but doesn't really do anything, which is GOOD!

    Fortunately, this is not a cacophonic Wagnerian Opera where the Fat Lady [a Rubenesque Valkyrie] sings. It is more a melodic Opera where the Tsar drops dead, and life goes on as normal, as in Boris Gudinov.