Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Myth that is Obama!

I can’t believe how the delegates and super delegates are
falling all over themselves to jump on the Obama bandwagon
before it leaves.

Truth is that with all his claims, empty rhetoric and promises,
he will be as helpless as the current administration in alleviating
the oil crisis and most of the other problems that we face here
at home. He will be as powerless as President Bush is to
get OPEC to increase production............... not so long as it isn’t
in their self interest to do so.

How about an American “food boycott”against all the OPEC
nations, until they loosen the spigots on the wells? If not an
outright boycott.........why don’t we tie the price of flour, meat
and other commodities directly to oil,....... and as oil’s price rises,
so goes the foodstuffs. When the Saudis and other Arab
nations get tired of paying $4.00 per pound for flour, wheat or
corn, and $75 per pound for a good steak, maybe we can get
some real price reductions out of them.

Of course, this is only wishful thinking, since Obama has no
intention of being tough with any country....... quasi-friend or
foe. He will sit down with them and beg for mercy, as we
flounder in the misdirected domestic programs that the Democratic
Congress has in store for us. Expect increased taxes on every class
of American, and not the “tax reductions for the middle class” as
the Obama fairy tale claims. To do just half of what he and the
Democratic Congress have promised, and to avoid tripling the
present budget deficit, taxes must be raised, not just on corporations
and small businesses............ those who create the jobs in our
country..................... but on every wage earner in the US.

To believe anything else, is to be a babbling idiot!


  1. Brook,
    Whether it's Obama or McCain there is not much that we can do with markets. We've simply lost control.

    If Obama happens to win, I agree he will not be able to keep the promises that he's made.

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  3. Al........... so far as the markets go, I said that Obama can't do a thing about oil prices.

  4. historical.........

    I agree that McCain isn't showing too much life right now, but he has always been a fighter.

    When the chips are down, in a couple of months, those numbers that you crunched will be so much crushed nuts.

    You haven't allowed for the "dissenters" from the Democratic party, nor the far right conservatives who will not abide Obama. Talk all they will about being "dissatisfied" with some of McCain's ideas, in the end they will choose the "lesser evil".

    McCain will win in November!

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  6. Yes you did and you are right! Unless he really is the "Magic Negro."