Thursday, June 26, 2008

Utah’s vote is a RINO killer

Rep. Chris Cannon

Republican voters in Utah ousted Rep. Chris Cannon in Tuesday’s GOP primary, expressing their dissatisfaction with the six-term congressman over his left-of-center positions on immigration by nominating a challenger who made crackdowns on illegal immigration a central part of his platform.--Josh Kraushaar, The Crypt
Utah’s Congressman challenger Jason Chaffetz beat 6 term incumbent Congressman Chris Cannon in their Republican primary battle by promising to do the job that no American Senator or Congressman will do.

Way to go Utah! By ousting Chris Cannon a proponent of amnesty and the Dream Act, legislation that would confer rights and privileges on the fruits of illegality, you have shown the rest of us in America how to get our country back.

Thank you Utah for setting an example that there are Americans who still care about this country and are willing to do the right thing rather than the politically expedite thing or the politically popular thing.

The Republican Party is at this crossroads where it is attempting to decide whether it is going in the direction of the John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Arnold Schwarzenegger RINO Democrat mini-mes or whether it will keep to the traditional Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich Republican brand.

Utah your vote for Jason Chaffetz adds one more, true Conservative to the fight to wrestle our government back from the hands of special interests and Liberals who would change America for the worst not the better.
Becoming a citizen of the United States of America is earned and means something special. We are the envy of the world and it is no wonder why. We are the nation that empowers the individual with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are also a nation of laws, guided by a Constitution, to ensure those rights.

The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility “to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.” We have a duty and responsibility to the legal citizens to set the terms of entry and exit. Currently, we are being unfairly asked to subsidize and tolerate a mass of illegal people flooding our country. This is a failure of Congress and an unprecedented unfunded mandate upon the states.
Jason Chaffetz
All Americans used to know things like this Congressman nominee Chaffetz, it is sad to say that you will be a minority in an institution that has lost its way.

But you will also be a great inspiration to the millions upon millions of Conservatives who had lost all hope and had resigned themselves to the inevitability of Liberal Democrats taking this country in the wrong direction without so much as a fight.

By Utah’s example we can still save this country from utter ruination by rejecting incumbents like Chris Cannon who because they are ensconced in their positions of power believe that they can look after the interests of lobbyist and special interest organizations rather than the interests of their constituents the American people.

Again, way to go Utah!


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Be aware that a new category of refuge has been created especially for Mexican Businessmen, who have much reason to fear from the Mexican Drug Lords backed by assisting Government functionaries(Policía corrupta and Bandidos del soldado).

    These refugees should be welcomed into this country and encouraged to form a Government-In-Exile (GIE). A well supported GIE would have the Right to make Foreign Treaties and Raise a Militia, (Police, Soldiers, and Resistance Fighters) to do what needs to be done to the Drug Lords and the functionaries of the Government-in-Power (GIP) that assist them.

    What happens next depends upon the negotiations between the GIE and the GIP. If the GIP wants to merge with the GIE and finish off the Drug Lords, GREAT!!! If the GIP foolishly decides to throw in with the Drug Lords, let them perish in the fires of the next Mexican Revolution.

    ¡Muerte a todos los señores de las drogas y a sus lacayos en el gobierno!!!

    ¡México libre de largo vivo!

  2. Anon,
    You may have meant this to post on Does this mean War?