Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why can’t you say Global warming anymore?

Naturally, numerous senators have employed the end-of-world scenario of catastrophic global warming . . . I mean climate change . . . to sell the cap and trade. But of course, few mention a recent study by the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organization — the organization behind the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — explaining there has been no warming the past decade.-- David Harsanyi
The theory of Anthropogenic Global warming has been debunked with such profound scientific proof that in order for the masses to accept $45 trillion dollar tax rip off there has to be a name change. Climate Change is as good as any name because the climate does change and no one can disprove that!

Congress, however, is not ready to turn over for the big green machine a.k.a the big corporate investors who want you and me to pay for their research and development so that they can make those trillions of dollars their the latest global merchandise and schemes.
Senators also criticized Warner-Lieberman's failure to clearly specify what would happen with the vast revenues the climate bill would generate – some $1 trillion over the first decade, which environmental groups wanted as a slush fund to finance "green technologies." Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire insisted the proceeds be used for other tax cuts, like the elimination of the corporate income tax.Wall Street Journal
I’m betting that Congress thinks that there isn’t enough cover for them to turn the U.S. economy on its head just yet. Outsourcing middle class jobs, open borders, out of control global trading and Middle East driven exorbitant gasoline prices may be just about the maximum that the U.S. public is willing to accept without revolting.

Also, there is enough doubt in the proponents of Global warming or it’s newer sleeker name Climate Change that no one can just propose mega billion dollar tax increases and think that a usually unaware public is not going to notice.

We notice that Al Gore was decorated like a Christmas Tree with Environmental awards on Global warming to give him legitimacy so that Joe and Janet Greeny would fall in line with Global warming mumbo jumbo. And it worked to a point.

Yet, the reason that you can’t say Global warming anymore is that there is no Global warming and in order to lift the $45 trillion dollars in new taxes off of the public there has to be some reason. Climate Change is as good as any.

Only Congress is a bit antsy now because you aren’t sitting down for high gas prices no the sleeping giant is stirring about and you just might sweep Democrats out of Congress if you were to connect the dots and realize that Democrats have been the corrupting force in American government for over 60 years.

Even if that is the case there is no Global warming. Global warming’s proponents themselves have ceded that point when they opted to change the terminology from Global warming to climate change. No, there is only a $45 trillion dollar Global power change where the United States is no longer the preeminent military, economic and political power in the world.

The persons or countries that control the carbon are in control of the world. What we are witnessing is an economic world-wide attempt to shift control of resources; gasoline, carbon credits, food supplies, your so-called “carbon footprint” are all commodities in the new Global economy or the new Transatlantic Economy.
Some of the summit discussions will deal with the nuts-and-bolts of cooperation: the Transatlantic Economic Council, formed at last year's summit, to foster economic integration on both sides of the Atlantic by aligning regulations, accounting practices and erasing other roadblocks to expanding what is already a $500 billion trans-Atlantic relationship.—DEB RIECHMANN
High gas prices, tainted food, a worsening American economy are mere birth pains of the new Transatlantic economy that is being born right before our eyes.

President Bush is in Europe right now as I post saying his last goodbyes to the European Union the power behind the new Global economy.

But it’s not in place just yet so you must be preoccupied with some imminent threat to keep your minds off of fact that you are losing your country. So don’t say Global warming say Climate Change and don’t say the United States of America say The North American Community or better yet say we are Global citizens united under international law with Transatlantic markets fighting climate change.

One other thing that you can’t say, you can’t say that you haven’t been warned!

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  1. "High gas prices, tainted food, a worsening American economy are mere birth pains of the new Transatlantic economy that is being born right before our eyes."

    The best that our worthless elected officials like Kunich can do, is try to impeach Bush to divert everyones attention. Impeaching Bush is not going to solve any problems, but it's a good attempt at hiding how worthless the Washington inhabitants have become. The whole lot of them should be tarred and feathered, and run out on a rail.

    Not one thing of substance or value has been achieved in years, out of these parasites, excluding the fact that they serve their corporate masters well by just being the do-nothing puppets that they are.