Tuesday, July 08, 2008

California’s Fools Gold!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
As Californians brace for big reductions in government services, the possibility of tax hikes and a long summer of budget bickering, they may be under the impression that everyone else is slogging through the same financial misery.

Not so.

Analysts say the state's troubles stem largely from its budget system -- the most dysfunctional in the country -- and they look to California as an example of how not to do things. In a recent ranking of state policies by the Pew Center on the States, California scored D+ on fiscal management. The average grade was B-.
--Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times
California the State that is primarily concerned with Homosexual mock-marriages, Global warming, providing sanctuary to illegal aliens, and a multi-million dollar voter initiative stem cell research tax payers grant is in fiscal trouble, hum I wonder why?
Tax payers don’t usually like being ripped off unless of course it is for a good purpose like stem cell research. If it is stem cell research then please take 3 billion dollars that’s what the state of California is being fleeced for.

Did I say fleeced? Are the tax payers of the state of California going to be ripped off? Usually when one speaks of stem cells it is in noble terms as in regenerating damaged nerves for someone like Christopher Reeves to walking again, growing vital organs, and even producing body parts. That’s the misdirection, the reality is the real backers of stem cell research are profiteers who plan to use publicly-funded government research to yield usurious private profits for themselves.
The state of California recalled one Governor, Gray Davis, only to replace him with a RINO, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger gives one an indication of how John McCain would govern as President of the United States with a Democrat controlled Congress. McCain has already embraced most of the non-Conservative issues that Schwarzenegger governs by.

A Republican in name only and a liberal Democrat controlled state legislature presides over the dysfunctional almost bankrupted government of California, which by the way is a virtual Liberal’s Nirvana, and is a model of where the United States is headed. As the saying is, “As California goes so goes the nation.”

If one ever wished to see what the world would be like if Liberals ran everything one only has to look to California. Liberals have run the state of California into the ground for decades and it’s only getting worst! In a recent Pew research study California’s fiscal management comes in dead last!
California starts the new budget year today -- and once again no budget is in place.

Legislators are making little progress closing a $15.2-billion shortfall. Democrats demand new taxes. Republicans say that is out of the question. Meanwhile, their inability to strike a deal threatens millions of Californians who rely on the government for healthcare and other services.
Evan Halper
California the once golden state, the state where speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and Senators Diana Feinstein and Barbara Boxer all hail from, the state that’s golden luster has been tarnished by special interest control over its Supreme Court, Governor and Legislative branch is a study in what not to do in government.

California is a study of what not to do at any and all levels of government, fiscal or social
Of the 46 states that began their fiscal year on Tuesday, California is one of just four that still have no spending plan. Lawmakers are nowhere near agreement on how to patch a $15.2-billion shortfall, and the budget will probably include borrowing, accounting shifts and other maneuvers that make money managers cringe.

An outdated tax code, voter-approved initiatives that lock in billions of dollars for programs, inadequate oversight of spending and the lack of a substantial rainy-day fund all add to California 's financial ills. Other states have addressed such issues with impressive results. But attempts at similar changes here routinely fall flat.
-- Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times
Nationally Democrats are succeeding in convincing the people that more Democrats would solve the nation’s ills but a reality check of the ultra-Democratic state of California which is a strong-hold for Liberal Democrats in and outside of government is a reminder to us all that too many Liberals means dysfunction and a government wrought with overspending and high taxes.

Let California’s troubles be a warning to the rest of the Nation.

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