Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama Slaps America in the Face Amid World Tour

Sen. Obama in front of Number 10 Downing Street

Katie Couric revealed an Obama slap in America’s face, it’s hard to believe but she has! Of all people who would have guessed that Couric would uncover a greater controversy than the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy right in the middle of the Obama, “I’m the inevitable President of the United States” world tour? (See video)

Sitting down with Sen. Obama in Ammon, Jordan just after he had visited Iraq and Afghanistan Couric could not get Sen. Obama to admit that the surge was primarily responsible and that the surge was the catalyst for political and military improvements in Iraq or that it was America’s victories in Iraq which made his world tour possible.

Obama instead attempted to credit only the Iraqi efforts; the Sunni fight against al Qaeda and the Shia government’s fight against al Qaeda, however, both would not have been possible without America’s resolve to stay in Iraq when Democrats, Sen. Obama included, insisted that America should leave Iraq or cut and run because the Iraq war could not be won and was in fact already lost.

In contrast Couric’s interview with Sen. McCain set a different tone on the success in Iraq. Sen. McCain on the other hand credits the American effort for the success that we presently see in Iraq.

Ms. Couric also showed statistics that bear out the fact that it was indeed the America surge that was primarily responsible for the turn around in Iraq.

Why couldn’t Sen. Obama just be honest and admit to Ms. Couric what she, and what we, already know?

Because Sen. Obama is tied to a radical leftist agenda which prevents acknowledging the truth and if that truth is positive and if that truth credits America or Republicans Sen. Obama nor any other partisan Democrat will acknowledge America’s or Republican success.

In fact Sen. Obama feels more comfortable speaking before the world as he did in Germany and fault America for past deed that Socialist throughout the world object to, even if those deeds lead to freedom and prosperity for the world.

To see just how reticent and resistance to speaking the truth Sen. Obama is I’ve posted the full interview with Katie Couric. You can see for yourself the Democrat tactic of only speak negative about Republicans, President Bush and the war in Iraq as employed by Sen. Obama and by doing so Sen. Obama’s unintentional slight of America in general.

Nevertheless, it is a slight and a startling revelation of the hyper-partisanship of Democrats and proof that Sen. Obama is the same old divisive politician that Democrats have tended to set forth in the last two Presidential elections. (See video about 23mins)

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