Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Staffers at EPA set to do job that American Politicians wouldn’t do

Sen. Jim Inhofe

Earlier this year Congress went though the motions of rejecting a “cap-and-trade” proposal that would have allowed companies to buy or sell allowances to pollute the air.

Such a system would not decrease one iota of Carbon from the air however this would allow American businesses and politicians to Europeanize by taxing the American people with similar “cap-and-trade” systems that are already in place in Europe.

It’s the world-wide ponza scheme that is all rage, how else would world governments raise unaccountable trillions of dollars without offering a serves in return? By no other means but Cap and Trade!

Sen. Jim Inhofe warns that staffers of the Environmental Protection Agency are set to do the job that that President Bush and Congress won’t do. This would create an unprecedented expansion of the Environmental Protection Agency's authority. Sen. Inhofe fears that such bureaucratic workings would be virtually insulated from the American people’s control. (see story)

In a recent ruling the U.S. Supreme Court said that under the Clean Air Act the EPA has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide but so far the Bush administration has held the EPA in check however these cubicle jockeys are just chomping at the bit for their chance to impose strict Global warming standards on the United States according to Sen. Inhofe.
"It is ironic that the EPA has proposed an even more economically destructive scheme this close to that bill's demise, [i]f Congress does not act, then the resulting regulations could be the largest regulatory intrusion into Americans' personal lives, a nightmare scenario. Big Brother is alive and well in the career ranks at the EPA."—Sen. Jim Inhofe
The EPA is already soliciting public input on an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking setting the stage for policy on carbon reductions when a new Global warming friendly administration is elected in November.

What this means is unaccountable faceless bureaucrats will be enforcing Global warming policies and taxes on Americans if the EPA is allowed to assume power under the Clean Air Act.

This must not be allowed the American people must be aware of any and all regulatory action that will come out of the EPA under the Clean Air Act upon either Sen. Obama’s or Sen. McCain’s presidency.

We have been made aware thus far by the tireless efforts of one man Sen. Jim Inhofe. We owe him a debt of gratitude! Thank you Sen. Inhofe.

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