Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Dems Trip Out (UP)!

Well, my friends. It's time to thank all those who
voted the "do-nothing" Democrats into control of
Congress in '06. I would like to say that you got
what you deserve, but unfortunately, it affects the
rest of us too!

Whatever made you think, with their past miserable
record, that any of those pie-in-the-sky promises that
they made to you prior to the 2006 elections, would ever
be kept. They did their best to smear the Republicans,
and then they come into power and thumb their noses at
all of us.

Now........... to add insult to injury, they leave on
vacation (5 weeks yet), and tell us all to buzz off.
Of course, they don't have to worry about the cost of
gasoline or any other costs, since they are pretty well
taken care of, BY US, with great salaries, awesome health
benefits (the best that our money can buy), very generous
penisons (even better than Wall Street), and all the graft
they can take!

I am more than pissed at these gross animals. They lie
through their teeth, and turn out to be 100 TIMES WORSE
than the representatives we had before election day '06.
They NEVER represent us the way we want them to, as
demostrated very strongly by their refusal to even vote
on lifting the offshore drilling ban. It's as though
they are telling us, "you put us in control, so shut the
hell up!".

If they think that "more air in your car's tires, conservation,
wind power, solar power, and biofuels......... are going
to cure this country's energy problems....... they are far
more naive than I ever gave them credit for.

ALL those ideas are light years away from being practical,
and even making a dent in our problems. They claim that
lifting the offshore drilling ban will not help bring down
the cost of oil for about ten years. But experts in the
field say that if we tap where we KNOW there is oil, we can
start benefiting in as little as ONE year. Who knows
better.......the oil wildcats or the Congress. I will grant
that the Congress has the edge on wind power, but that is all.

Fellow voters......... REMEMBER THIS TRECHERY come election
day........ and throw the bums out. Keep throwing them out
unless they vote the way we want them too. They are supposed
to be OUR representatives, not the lobbies that throw millions
into their re-election campaigns.

You can check their voting records online. Go, and anybody
who isn't in your corner, VOTE AGAINST. Start with Menendez
in New Jersey.......... for trying to destroy the Immigration
Bill........... he hasn't listened to ONE WORD from any of us.

1 comment:

  1. The oil wildcats need to be the highest
    bidder, when dealing with Congress critters. Congress critters have the
    ethical and moral standards of a 3 dollar prostitute, so offering them .25 cents more than what they are currently being bought for should do the trick.

    "They claim that lifting the offshore drilling ban will not help bring down
    the cost of oil for about ten years."

    The morons are just as brilliant as Obama when it comes to economics. I don't have a degree in anything and don't need one to see right through their stupidity. The government is no longer "We The People". It's now "Screw The People."