Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pelosi’s on Vacation: Republicans working for the People

Leader of the Democrat controlled House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi

While their colleagues returned home for vacation, a small group of conservative Republicans took to the House floor Monday to protest Speaker Nancy Pelosi's refusal to hold a vote on offshore oil drilling.-- JOHN RILEY / The Dallas Morning News (See story)
Its lights out in the U.S. House of Representatives because the Democrat lead Congress is on a 5 week vacation.

However not everyone has gone home. There are some who feel a sense of duty to the American people. These few would be Republicans who knowing the dire need to relieve the American People at the gas pump have decided to stay and fight on behalf of the American people.

With no C-Span cameras to record the Republican protest against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shut down, House Republicans have resorted to hall way interviews to bring attention to the fact that the Democrat leadership in Congress left Washington D.C. leaving the people’s business undone. (see video about 8mins)

Republicans have vowed to keep their protest up on behalf of the American people until Democrats return to Congress and complete the unfinished work that their job requires.

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