Monday, August 11, 2008

There’s No Such Thing as “Moderate Islam”!

I had my doubts about the muslim religion, so I tried to
educate myself. What I found out is not only chilling,
but damning of both the so-called “religion”, and it’s
maniacal founder, Muhammad!

I could probably fill dozens of pages, but it just seems
easier and more accurate to give you a website that will
truly open the eyes of not only the “tolerant” but the

Don’t believe the spin you hear from the muslim apologists,
that Islam is a “peaceful religion”. In actuality, it
preaches death to all who are not devout muslims, no
exceptions!!!! It not only condones, but actually encourages terrorism and the murder of wives, sisters and daughters, for
the simplist “infractions” of tyrannical and archaic “muslim
Law”..... presently called "honor killings".

This is a bunch of BS, and cannot and will not be tolerated
in the United States. For your sake, and the sake of your
children, grandchildren and their descendants, educate
yourself before it is too late. There is nothing in this
false religion that preaches love...........only hate, death
and destruction. This is Islam’s big bone of contention with
Christians and Jews....... who’s religions are built on love.

In the words of Islam’s founder:........‘They say we are terrorists? They are right—of course we are. That is what we
do for a living’ — Khalid Shaikh Muhammad

Read this and weep!!!

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