Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yet More Deception from Pelosi!

The 'Politico' reports that Nancy Pelosi is
secretly advising Democratic Congressmen, who
are coming up for re-election, to "support"
off-shore drilling, if it will get them elected.

I guess she figures if she can keep the Democratic
majority in both houses of Congress, they will be
free to continue doing exactly as they please and
"screw you"!

NICE Nancy!!!!!!!............. lie to the people
again. You got some sweetheart deal there. Tell
the people what they want to hear, and slam it to
them later........... as you did with Election '06.

Anybody who votes these lying, good-for-nothing
maggots back into office this year, is a fool at
best. It's as though you are telling them that
"it hurts".......... but, "do it again, I like it"!

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