Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey “Daily Kos”, Publish This!

I laughed so hard I actually slid off my recliner.

This morning, I saw the Fox & Friends program on
Fox News of course, and had the laugh of my life.

While the Democratic Convention was going on in
Denver, the premier news program sent a junior
reporter into the ongoing demonstrations. His job
was to interview several demonstrators, in order to
get some answers to very profound questions, including
what are you protesting with this demonstration?

He was armed with photos of various political
personalities, from both political parties. His
approach was casual and on a “college-age level”, to
be more in sync with the demonstrators. It was totally
amazing that not one of those “interviewed” knew any of the
individuals in the photos presented. Demonstrators
who casually throw “Dick Cheney” around in their
far-left conversations, had no idea who he was. Not
only couldn’t they say who he was, but what he did!
Going through the “gallery”, the reporter got the same
exact reaction from every interviewee. Not a clue!!!!

Fast forward to the Twin Cities. New reporter, new
demonstrators. Same result!!!!

The highlight of the series was the final photo shown
to them. It was Senator Joe Biden.......... Democratic
candidate for the vice presidency. The responses ranged
from “don’t know him” to “is he on TV?” They too,
didn’t have a clue.

Then the coup de grace......... “Why are you demonstrating,
what are you against?” And the response..........
“I can’t remember.............???????

This is the mentality of the “millions of new voters” that
the Democrats have been bragging about registering?

God please help this country!

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