Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The “women” of NOW, best described as very liberal,
feminine men, would do themselves a very big favor
if they would return to their roots.

Their original purpose was for all women to come
together and support one another. It was to have
been an organization, national in scope, to foster the
fair and equal treatment of women in all walks of life.

What a joke this has turned out to be. It has been
hijacked by the far left, and is presently being used
as a “hit” group for the ultra-liberals in the country,
from which to launch their unwarranted personal attacks.

This is an organization that should have been touting the
accomplishments of Sarah Palin, instead of trying to
destroy her. But....... I guess now, when you join such a
group as this, you do so with the hope of banning together
with a bunch of wanna-bees, who are nothing more than
frustrated women with penis-envy, you get what you deserve.
They will go plodding on, keeping the polyester suit makers
in business, in a vain attempt to present a strong front for a
failing organization.

False nomenclature, without a doubt. Maybe they should
consider renaming this group. NoOvarianWhining!

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  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    May their brooms flay out of control!