Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Knew This was Coming....Right?

The Obama campaign and the liberal left had sent
all those investigators and lawyers up to Alaska,
with the sole purpose of digging up dirt on Sarah
Well, it seems that they are getting some
help from the resident politicians
there. I guess
they see it as payback, for Sarah’s 81% approval
rating among voters
, and are doing their best to kill her
VP candidacy.

When you are a tough governor, you make enemies.
We all know that and the Democratic politicians are
going to do their best to work for Obama in this investigation.
Especially since those on the investigating committee
are Democrats. Am I the only one, or does anybody
else see this as a 100% set-up?

Add to these flunkies, the Republicans whose toes
she has stepped on
by refusing earmarks, cutting graft
and corruption and you’ve got a pretty “air-tight” case
against her.

Now,.......... probably because he adds so much to this
family, as the “perfect” husband and father, they are
planning to subpoena Todd Palin for the investigation

Maybe they plan on issuing subpoenas for the children
including the baby with Down's Syndrome.

Desperate times produce desperate measures.......... and
after the way the left has attacked Sarah Palin, it doesn’t
surprise me in the least that this “investigation” comes on
the heels of the major trouncing that she is giving to the
Obama campaign.

Hang in there Sarah.............. you’ve got the support of
the fair-minded people in this country. They did warn you
that you were going to be attacked in any way the Democrats
could get to you. It didn’t work when they attacked you, so
they went for your children. When that didn’t work, they
decided to dig up some dirt, blow it all out of proportion with
the help of the liberal media, and bring it all out into the
open before election day
. You got my vote, no matter what
they claim or how they manipulate the findings.

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