Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barack Obama the first Illegitimate President of The United States

ACORN members meet with Illinois Senate Candidate Barack Obama

Democrats have wrongly called President Bush’s 2000 election illegitimate in spite of the several independent newspapers that went down to Florida to investigate the outcome of the 2000 elections. Their finding was that President Bush won Florida legitimately! (see story) and (here) and (here)

That notwithstanding, the voter fraud that Barack Obama has already perpetrated and is planning to perpetrate on the American people in 2008 makes the 2000 election looks like child’s play.

Here’s my prediction if John McCain is ahead or if the election is close election night there will be 9,000 Obama Democrat attorneys forcing what was once Election Day into election week. Gone are the days of trust in the American electoral system. The system has been corrupted and everybody knows it.

We are essentially waiting to see how effectively Barack Obama and ACORN can be in stealing this election and everyone knows that too.

Obama’s ACORN has launched a state by state effort to contaminate the presidential elections (see map) hoping to steal this election or at the very least throw this election into chaos, casting doubt on Sen. McCain if he should win like Al Gore Democrats did to George W. Bush.

But why are Americans sitting idly by and watching as the life blood of Democracy, the vote is being contaminated by Democrat political partisans Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and company?

Americans are being manipulated by a Party of political opportunist that have participated in making this country’s ills so bad that we believe that we need a change and then they have offered to be the change that we need.

It is a classic case of throwing stones and hiding one’s hands. The Democrat undermining of the Bush administration from the very beginning and the all out Democrat mutiny against this administration at a time of war, no less, was essential in producing an inept presidential administration. Not to mention the Democrat partisan wars in Congress which were central to creating the most dysfunctional Congress in American history

And now Democrat tampering with elections has totally destroyed the electoral process and has America on the brink of one of the most bitterly partisan election in recent history. And at the center if it all is Barack Obama and his corrupted trained anti-establishment group ACORN.

ACORN a government funded group that along with Democrats have primarily caused the world-wide economic and mortgage crisis and who both are complicit in damaging our election process and taking that process to the status of a banana republic. (see story)
The 1990 ACORN convention in Chicago focused on the fast-breaking housing campaign. It featured a squatting demonstration at an RTC house.

Later, ACORN members demanded cooperation from banks about providing loan data on low- and moderate-income communities and compliance with the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

ACORN fought weakening of the CRA in 1991, staging a two-day takeover of the House Banking Committee hearing room. It also established ACORN Housing Corporation to service people moving into homes under the housing campaign, rehabilitated hundreds of houses addressed by CRA.

The ACORN convention in New York in 1992, called the “ACORN-Bank Summit”, was organized to make deals with giant banks.

When Citibank, the nation’s largest bank, did not participate conventioneers protested at its downtown Manhattan headquarters, and won a meeting to negotiate for similar programs.
Virginia Virtucon
Lob Dobbs reports on ACORN voter fraud (2:39mins)

Hannity & Combs discussion attempts to shield Democrats and Sen. Obama from any connect with ACORN and equally blame both Parties. However Democrats are clearly to blame for ACORN and its actions. (6:28mins)

But Obama’s Ties to ACORN are unmistakable as is ACORN’s role in our current financial woes as outlined in this Fox News interview of author Stanley Kuntz. (3:01mins)

But it is the money ear marked to ACORN by Democrat Chris Dodd in the $700billion dollar bailout bill that makes it an undeniable truth that Democrats are inextricability linked with ACORN (4:46)

Democrats tied to ACORN, ACORN tied to voting fraud and the current economic debacle and ACORN tied to Barack Obama a nice neat package of corruption. (3:11mins)

Based on the information that we now have of Sen. Obama ties with the fraudulent and corrupt organization ACORN and its attempt to corrupt the 2008 elections Barack Obama, should he win, would be the first illegitimate president of the United States of America.

To bad that potentially the first Black President would have illegitimately gotten the office. It’s kind of like Affirmative Action not qualified but cheated his way into office.


  1. Anonymous4:31 AM

    An Organization specializing in Voter Fraud and Economic Destabilization financed by Tax Dollars.


    Suddenly, the Four Hourses of the Apocalypse are looking like a friendly wwelcoming party by comparison.

  2. He's up to his eyeballs in this Acorn mess.

    Each time he denies his links to the radical organization, his body language says that he is OUTRIGHT LYING!

    Why did he PAY ACORN $800,000 to register "voters", when they didn't register ONE Republican or Independent voter?

    He's stacking the deck and stuffing the ballot box.

    Anybody who votes for this "Chicago Politician" is doing a grave disservice to this country.